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Reasons to visit Sicily this summer

Reasons to visit Sicily this summer

Sicily is an Italian region with so much delight and thrill. The scenery is impressive, the people are friendly, and the food is phenomenal. In this piece, you will get the in-depth reasons why visiting Sicily will perhaps be the best decision you will make this summer. So strap on, and let us get started.

1. Tantalizing foods and wines
Food is the number one attraction on our list because Italians love to eat, and so does everyone else. The great thing about the food in Sicily is that it has its roots originating from different cultures. The Arabic and the French are perhaps the most potent influences.

One food to try is Granita. This delicacy comprises of thin ice flakes tastefully blended with fresh fruits, coffee or nuts sweetened with sugar or honey. The most savored flavors are the likes of almond, lemon, and coffee cherished by both natives and travelers alike. Syracuse and Catania offer this summertime treats all day long- breakfast, lunch, and supper.

Yet another food to try is Panelle, which is a chickpea flour mixed with chopped parsley, salt, pepper, and water. The resulting dish is a thin, flat, fried fritter typically served as an appetizer, or a street food one can have on the go. When it is served as street food, you will receive it packed in between a sesame bun at Palermo’s markets and squares all over Sicily.

Other meals to try while in Sicily are Caponata, an eggplant salad, Sfincione, Sparacelli, and Sardines. For wine, you can head to the wine town of Sicily called Menfi to taste the best wines in the world.

2. Fantastic sites
When you get to Sicily, you are bound to get overwhelmed by the surplus of places you can relish over during your visit. The first stop to make is at Faraglioni near Scopello to view the majestic coral reefs plus the gigantic rock formations. You can take a hike to the top of the rocks to get a better look at the underlying vista of the small villages of Scopello. You can also take a boat excursion under the stones for an experience of a lifetime.

You can visit parks, sanctuaries, museums, so on and so forth.

3. World-class accommodation
Sicily has one of the best chill-out spots you will find in Italy. You will get a villa, a resort, or a holiday rental home fit for you and your family. The best locations to set out to are Scopello, Trapani, Syracusa, and Selinunte, to mention a few. The overabundance of accommodations is unfathomably categorized. As they range from the contemporary country spots to the luxurious accommodations. Luxury goes as far as having a butler and room service at your beck and call around the clock.

4. The history
The Sicilian region is incredibly vibrant in a culture that is a result of its history. Through the ruins found on Syracuse and Ortigia, a lot is revealed. Anyone with a hunger for some cultural refreshment could head to the Selinunte Archeological Park for the classical Mediterranean history. A visitor will enjoy a time capsule through time, appreciating how the events unfolded to result in how things got here as they are. Kids and adults alike have so much fun learning about Sicily’s quivering culture.

5. Beach life
If you ever find a piece on Sicily without the mentioning of its lovely beach scene, that piece is incomplete. Alongside its fantastic selection of villas and resorts, you find a charming seafront with quite an array of things to do. A simple bask in the breeze is a plan, a swim in the calm waters is also a plan. But if you are inclined to more adventure, snorkeling, deep-sea diving, marine park visitations are right up your alley.

6. The Arts
Everything about Sicily is art. The sceneries, the food, the history plus the beach life make up art. But one thing we all love to dance to and listen to is music and festivals. And Sicily is a hot spot for music and carnivals. Every once in a while, the streets of most regions in Sicily fill up with people dancing to music Italians enjoy. One very anticipated music festival is the Ypsigrock that occurs yearly in central Sicily. This and so much more is experienced in the humble region of Sicily.

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