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Top 5 luxury holidays in Europe

Top 5 luxury holidays in Europe

Europe is among the great holiday destinations worldwide. The good thing with Europe as a continent lies in its diversity. Whether it’s the different cultures, beach gateways, or the tall skyscrapers, Europe has everything for everyone. With a luxury holiday, it means that you get to enjoy, relax, and have an incredible time. Now, if you are planning a luxury holiday in Europe, Luxury Ski Holidays with Hunter Chalets offers you fantastic deals, and you could be live a life full of luxury for less.

That said, whether you are a family looking for an unforgettable holiday, a couple looking for an excellent romantic holiday, or you just want to get away and treat yourself, these are the top 5 luxury holidays in Europe. 

Adriatic Croatia Tours
Located somewhere between eastern and western Europe, Croatia is one of the best luxury holiday destinations in Europe, and it has something for every traveler.

The stunning pebble beaches on the coast, the historic old Medieval town, the light, turquoise, calm waters of the Adriatic Sea all make Croatia one of the most exciting and charming places across Europe.

There is an absolute luxury in the Adriatic, where you will experience the towering battlements of Dubrovnik and the fascinating past, climb the impressive city walls and ride the cable car up to Srd Hill for far-reaching views from above. Inland, you will hike through the pristine forests, soak in the thermal spa and embrace the many local festivals.

Italian Holidays
Italy is a world leader in culture and art, and it’ s easy to see why we’ve included it on our list. Away from the diverse and captivating culture, Italy is well known for its charming beaches. Sicily beaches, for instance, are teamed with historic cities and road trip countryside while Sardinia, on the other hand, has some of the whitest sand in the Mediterranean. Here, you also have a chance to enjoy some of the world-famous and delicious Italian cuisines at the beautiful five-star hotels. And if you prefer staying on the mainland, you can go to the Glitzy Portofino or Neapolitan Riviera. You can also go too world-class ski resorts in the Dolomites and the scenic Alps for adventure.

Spanish Holidays
Spain is one of the oldest holiday destinations attracting millions of people and family filled jaunt to their diverse attractions. Here you will join the fiesta of world-famous art, Mediterranean cuisine, and centuries of culture. The landscape of Spain ranges from the subtropical forest, desert, rugged mountains to gold-sand beaches where whitewashed, quaint villages are located a short distance from cosmopolitan cities. Relaxing on these beaches will give you a first-class wellness experience.

French Holidays
France cannot miss the list of top European destinations; France is a quintessential luxury destination. For a luxury and elegant tour, the French cities have legendary and glamorous hotels to take care of your luxury needs. There are also private beaches, luxury villas, coastal resorts, and Michelin-starred restaurants to ensure you enjoy a splendid, luxury holiday here.

Greek Holidays
Greece offers a mosaic of sun-kissed islands, crumbling ruins, and five-star luxury hotels where the ancient meets contemporary. Wherever you decide to stay, you will not be short of some amazing sights. Here you will wander through the streets of Rhodes town, explore the natural gorges of Crete, go to the archeological sites in the ancient Peloponnese, and photography the sizzling sunsets on Santorini.

These are some of the top luxury holidays in Europe. However, the continent provides much more bizarre destinations and an extensive range of captivating cultures to pick from at any period of the year. With short flight times between different destinations, you can visit any of these, depending on your preference.