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Quest Rooms of London: where to go?

Quest Rooms of London: where to go?

Quest rooms or as they are called escape-rooms - a popular intellectual game with an unexpected and fascinating storyline. This kind of entertainment appeared recently. At first, everything was simple: a team of several people had to get out of a locked room during a limited time. Today each quest room is a unique story with unpredictable turns and surprises. Participants solve interesting puzzles, read encrypted messages, find lost relics and treasures, neutralize dangerous criminals, escape from prison, or even save humanity from inevitable death.

Escape rooms of London
There are about 200 quests in the United Kingdom today and half of them are concentrated in the capital. Residents and guests of London love to be participants of exciting adventures and to receive bright emotions. You can get acquainted with top escape rooms in London on the website, select the theme and complexity of the game that suits you, and also book in advance. A tourist trip to London will be more interesting, and the impressions will be brighter and fuller if you visit one of the quest rooms of the English capital.

Where to go
1. Quest room “Prohibition Act” by Escape Entertainment
You find yourself in an underground bar during the turbulent 20s of the last century. The police knock on the door. You need to find a secret escape route to avoid falling into the long hands of the law.

2. Escape Room “Doctor Frankenstein” by Komnata
In the mystical world of steam machines and airships, you have only one hour to revitalize a homunculus and unravel Frankenstein’s mystery. You will follow in the mad scientist’s footsteps to complete his final experiment and attempt to reanimate the body of Frankenstein’s Creature!

3. Quest room “Killer” by Enigma
All week you have been waiting to watch the “Killer” movie tonight. To your horror, you wake up locked in a cage! The film begins, but something happens to the screen. Your eyes darken and you faint. What happened and where are you located?

4. Quest “Time Run” by Time run
Take a trip through time in the company of a scientist and a robot. Your goal is to find a forgotten relic that has been lost in the whirlpool of time. If it falls into the wrong hands, it will be disastrous: your intervention is vital! 

5. Quest “Chain Reaction” by Hidden Rooms
The world a few hours after a nuclear disaster! The radiation has not yet reached the city in which you live. To escape, you are hiding in a bunker. A sense of fear passes. You think you are saved. However, the struggle for life is not over.

It is time to discover the world of quests in London! Quests in reality - one of the new, but already proven formats of pastime. You have to be attentive and quick-witted to get out of the room. Every minute counts!