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Little known travel perks that come with some credit cards

Little known travel perks that come with some credit cards

Traveling using a credit card can actually provide more benefits than just using cash. If you always use cash for your purchases when traveling, you will miss out a lot of opportunities to save or even earn more benefits. While cash is still king when you are traveling in certain parts of the world, using it alone will not help you reap some benefits compared to using a credit card. That being said, it is wise to have a credit card when you are traveling.

Here are 5 little known travel perks that come with some credit cards.

1.  Travel insurance
Perhaps, one of the most important items you should always have in your travel checklist is travel insurance. Don’t make the mistake of traveling without it because we simply cannot know what will happen. Travel insurance will help you in times of need during your trip especially when it comes to medical reasons. This is usually an additional cost you’ll have to get yourself but some credit cards offer it for free. Some credit card travel insurance will give you medical and travel-related coverage if you use your credit card in booking your flight tickets.

2.  Save money on purchases
Using a credit card on your purchases can actually save you money when you are traveling especially if it has no or low transaction fee. Most of the time, credit cards provide better exchange rates than exchanging money at the airport or even regular foreign exchange kiosks. Moreover, you’ll earn some points as well if you use your credit card which you can use for future transactions.

3.  Safer than cash
In some cases, it can be dangerous to bring a wad of cash in your wallet when traveling. You are putting yourself at risk of getting robbed. Having a credit card will lessen that risk and help you travel at ease – knowing that you can purchase anything without the worry of bringing a lot of cash.

4.  Convenience
Converting your money to different currencies can be a hassle. But by simply bringing a credit card, you can pay for everything with just a swipe. You don’t need to have your money exchanged because your credit card can already help pay for what you need. Moreover, you won’t have to track how much money left in your wallet. So when traveling, make sure to have a credit card in hand and not only will it help you reap some benefits when purchasing, but it will make your trip more easy and convenient.

5.  24/7 travel assistance
Wherever you are in the world, one of the best benefits you can get when you have a credit card is that you have 24/7 travel or medical assistance when you need it. You will receive help when you need it the most with some credit cards’ concierge services. Depending on your card provider, you can have perks like travel arrangements, restaurant reservations, emergency assistance, among others.