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NLX & AWS launch interactive travel and hospitality experience to show what’s possible in automated

Conversational AI specialist NLX has launched ‘The Showroom’, an interactive travel and hospitality experience that puts users in their customer’s shoes to see how multimodal, chat, and voice capabilities can improve levels of customer service, backed by AWS.

The showroom enables businesses to test drive what end-to-end, personalized, automated conversations would look like on a fully qualified Conversational AI platform, illustrated through use cases like check-in, upgrade booking, cancel reservation, and others.

“It’s no longer practical for major brands to take a single-channel approach to automated customer service,” explains Andrei Papancea, CEO and Chief Product Officer at NLX.

“NLX’s advanced technology and platform power a multimodal (two or more modalities like voice, text, image, etc.), multichannel self-service experience that enriches the customer interaction, augments your existing automated resolution infrastructure, and contains the inquiry to the conversation flow (unless escalation is needed.)

End-users can seamlessly transition back-and-forth from chat, to voice, to multimodal, friction-free while experiencing continuous engagement as they would with a live agent”

The Showroom - Multimodal from NLX on Vimeo.

The cases available to experience on The Showroom include:

Remove long hold times and augment your online resources by adding conversational automation check-in capabilities to your customer support.

Upgrade Seat
Passengers can quickly upgrade their seats without the need to speak to an agent through multimodal automated conversations.

Cancel Flight
Enhance your customer’s ability to cancel a flight through effective, automated customer self-service.

Backed by AWS, NLX’s conversational platform easily integrates with all the services already active in your AWS account, like Amazon Connect, Amazon Lex, and Amazon Pinpoint, saving time and money.

NLX’s and AWS’ pay-as-you-go business model means you only pay for what you use. You can begin designing your conversations for free on the NLX platform, and only pay when you begin sending traffic to the flow.

NLX was recently announced as one of the new AWS Conversational AI Competency partners launching in Q1 2023. These partners help enterprises implement high-quality, highly effective chatbot, virtual assistant, and IVR solutions through the expertise of AWS Partners.

AWS Conversational AI Competency Partners support customers in selecting use cases and defining Natural Language Understanding (NLU) intents and training phrases; designing effective conversational flows; integrating backend services; and testing, monitoring, and measuring in an iterative approach.

To try out The Showroom for yourself, visit