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Mexico’s event of the year, The Mexico Summer Reception

Mexico’s event of the year, The Mexico Summer Reception

The Mexican Summer Reception returns to the UK for a second year this June, and will give Mexican travel suppliers and destinations a chance to meet new and existing UK tour operators and travel agents.

The 2019 roadshow event will be held across three days in different cities, London (25 June), Manchester (26 June) and Cheltenham (27 June) and will give tour operators and travel agents from each region the opportunity to meet and network with Mexican suppliers and destinations.

Last year’s first ever Mexico Summer Reception, saw members of the UK travel trade mixing with representatives from Mexico’s most sought after and upcoming destinations and product managers in a relaxed and fun atmosphere in London, Manchester and Edinburgh.

This year, the London event will include one-on-one meetings and presentations about some of the most exciting Mexican destinations and products in a casual environment prior to a cocktail reception for guests. 

This year’s Mexico Summer Reception takes a slightly different form after the closure of the Mexico Tourism Board, with a new collective of respected London-based agencies running the event, Hestegia, 110PERCEB Ltd.  and Métonymie_.

Vicente Salas, founder of Hestegia Ltd said: “With over half a million British tourists visiting Mexico every year and a potential visitor number of over 14 million which places the UK as the most important market for Mexico in Europe, there was no doubt that this initiative was necessary in order to encourage a sustainable growth of these numbers”.

Manuel Diaz Cebrian, founder of 110PERCEB LTD. added: “This year the new collective of London-based agencies will be leading the event. We will be looking to build on the success of last year while providing added networking opportunities, a wider variety of content and enlarging the covered markets while preserving the special relationship Mexican and British tourism trade already have.”

Polo Sanchez-Valle, founder of Métonymie said: “We’re really excited about the second Mexico Summer Reception. Last year’s event was a massive success and provided real value for all those in attendance. It contributed to rise our exhibitors’ visibility and reputation in the market. From a trade perspective, we want to incorporate this roadshow in the Mexican travel trade’s annual international agenda of events as a more direct and proactive means to approach the market and as a complement to their participation in established trade shows”.

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About the organisers:

The recently created European tourism promotion company is led by Vicente Salas, a former director of the Mexico Tourism Board for the UK, Ireland, Northern Europe and Africa. Salas has more than 25 years experience in the Airline and Tourism sectors.

110PERCEB Ltd.
110PERCEB Ltd. is a London based consultancy company, headed up by Manuel Diaz Cebrian, a former Regional Director of the Mexico Tourism Board for Europe.  Diaz Cebrian has more than 25 years experience in the Hotel & Tourism sectors.  One of his main clients is Los Cabos, one of Mexico’s and the world’s premier luxury destinations, where he is the European Representative.

The London-based marketing agency is led by Polo Sanchez-Valle who specialises in image and reputation management for private and public sector companies in Europe.