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Low limit blackjack in Vegas, where to play?

Low limit blackjack in Vegas, where to play?

Vegas is not Vegas without blackjack, which is without a doubt the most popular table game around. In 1985, the UNLV Centre for Gaming Research claimed that it covered 77% of gambling activities on casino floors. However, by 2018, this figure declined to 49%, and so did blackjack’s revenues from 50% to 28%. That is so because, over the years, establishments have had to up their bet limits, switch to primarily offering 6:5 tables instead of the traditional 3:2 ones, and the rise of the internet gambling sphere. All that said, blackjack still dominates all other casino table options, raking in massive profits as the favored choice for those who are well-versed in its nuances.

The predominant allure of this game is that decision-making plays a pivotal role in game results. Moreover, players implementing optimal blackjack strategy can lower the house edge of this game down to 0.5%. Nevertheless, due to the ongoing pandemic and operators’ plummeting bottom lines, low limit blackjack in the center Las Vegas area seems to be becoming a thing of the past. It is no longer affordable to run dealer games that break even or produce small profits. Thus, many venues have recently up their table limits to stay afloat.

A breakdown follows of spots still offering $5 blackjack or lower in Sin City for those wanting to partake in card gambling fun while in the World’s Entertainment Capital.

As a rule of thumb, the more central a casino is on the Las Vegas Strip, the higher its limits will be. Also, the North end of the Strip is where the most affordable tables are on lots of prime real estate. The Strat opened in 1996 on 2000 South Las Vegas Boulevard, and it is home to the second-tallest observation tower in North America, aptly named the Strat tower. It is this resort’s landmark sight. Its casino has a reputation for offering the best value blackjack on the Strip, with games starting as low as $5 during slower hours of the day. These are eight-deck ones that offer double down after and before surrendering, splitting, and re-splitting aces.

The Cannery Casino and Hotel is what many call a locals venue, launched in 2003. Industry juggernaut, Boyd Gaming, owns and operates it on a 28 acre stretch of land about six miles north of the Strip on 2121 East Craig Road. It boasts an 80,000 square feet floor, five restaurants, and three bars. Blackjack enthusiasts can find three $5 games here, a single-deck Super Fun 21 one, a 3:2 six-deck table, and a 3:2 double-deck game. The six-deck table allows surrender and re-splitting of aces, and all of them let gamblers double down before and after splitting.

Poker Palace
The Poker Palace is another local casino located in North Vegas, on 2757 North Las Vegas Boulevard, near the Nellis Air Force Base. It got constructed in 1974 and remodeled in 2001. It is by no means a spectacular or luxurious locale, featuring a modest floor of 25,000 square feet and only seven table games. Two out of the seven on hand are blackjack ones, with one offering a $1 double-deck game. That likely ranks among the best tables in town.

Downtown Grand
As its name suggests, the Downtown Grand can get discovered in the downtown area of Vegas on 206 N 3rd Street. CIM Group owns the Downtown Grand, formerly the Lady Luck Casino, while Fifth Street Gaming operates it. It is the centerpiece of a new downtown entertainment district named Downtown3rd. The Grand has been active since 1964 but recently underwent a severe renovation. It offers three blackjack games, with one accepting wagers as low as $1 while paying even money. Note that this spot’s blackjack tables only run Thursdays to Mondays.

Golden Nugget
Though no longer one of the city’s most prestigious venues, this casino owned and operated by Landry’s Inc remains one of Vegas’ most iconic ones, up and running since 1946. Boasting its Gold Rush theme, the Golden Nugget is still one of the main attractions on Fremont Street in the downtown area. It has eight blackjack offerings with 6:5 and 3:2 games allowing $5 wagers. However, these require a $1 side-wager per hand, which is an undesirable option for many.

Located on 115 East Tropicana Avenue, Highgate and Oyo Hotels & Homes own the Oyo Hotel and Casino, which Paragon Gaming operates. Operational from 1973, the Oyo has changed many names during its almost five-decade lifespan and undergone seven renovations. In the past, this establishment had a reputation for having one of the highest ratios of non-gaming to gaming income. It now provides a $1 blackjack game that pays even money and a $5 one that pays out 6:5 odds.

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