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Longer flights and how to survive them

Longer flights and how to survive them

The aviation industry is filled with new innovations, incredible new routes, better deals and special offers, and of course improved services. More travellers are using the services of airlines to get to their destinations, making the entire market more competitive. This increasing degree of competitiveness means airlines must work harder to deliver their best services – at the best prices – in order to win the hearts of their customers.

One of the ways airlines are adapting to new demands is by introducing new routes and ultra-long-haul flights. Qantas recently released a new route from Perth to London. Not too long ago, United opened its Houston to Sydney route to passengers.

These longer flights can be as long as 19 hours. They are non-stop flights from and to the most popular destinations in the world. Are the new ultra-long-haul flights the norm? Will there be longer flights in the future? How can you enjoy the best flying experience on these flights? We are going to answer these questions in this article.

The Longer Flights
As mentioned before, there are some interesting long-haul flights to cater to your travel needs. Qantas now serves the Perth-London route on a regular basis, which means you can visit great destinations down under in 17-and-a-bit hours. The United flight mentioned before is also a flight to Australia.
Another one of the longest flights available today is the Auckland to Doha flight. The route is served by Qatar Airways. You will be spending 17.5 hours in the air when taking this flight. It is a popular route too, especially when you consider just how popular Doha is as an international hub.
We also have Singapore Airlines’ Singapore to New Jersey flight, which is currently recognised as the longest flight in the world. The flight takes 19 hours and will take you from Singapore straight to Newark in New Jersey.

Changes Happening in the Industry
Long flights weren’t available before for obvious reasons. Older jets are not capable of flying for so long, and the few who did aren’t efficient for commercial use. Today, however, newer airplanes aren’t only capable of flying long distance, but they are also capable of carrying passengers in utmost comfort.

The Singapore Airlines Singapore to New Jersey route uses the latest A350-900 ULR (Ultra Long Range) from Airbus. The new airplane is significantly more efficient than the previous long-haul king, the Boeing 777.

The A350-900 ULR is also here to replace the older A340-500 from Airbus, which covered the same route several years ago. The plane ended up being too inefficient once oil prices went up.

Surviving Long Flights
Here’s another piece of good news about flying one of these ultra-long-haul flights - there are plenty of things to keep you entertained onboard. Newer airplanes have on-board Wi-Fi with internet access, so you can stream your favourite TV series of try your luck at online casinos without skipping a beat.

You can also expect to fly in utmost comfort because the long-haul routes have fantastic business- and first-class seats. Some flights even have on-board chefs cooking your dinner and preparing the most exquisite breakfast you can have at 35,000 feet.

Interested in giving these long flights a try? Pick a destination covered by the top airlines and enjoy your ultra-long-haul flight.