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How to apply for a Visa to Egypt Online

How to apply for a Visa to Egypt Online

Egypt is a fascinating Arab country that is situated in Northeast Africa. If you’re looking to catch a lovely tan and explore a country that is rich in history, Egypt should be your choice destination – it’s one of the sunniest countries in the world. Egypt is also home to the Great Pyramids and the Valley of the Kings, two intriguing sceneries that are a must-see for every visitor. The Islamic architecture in this exotic nation is simply breathtaking.

If you’re planning to visit Egypt on your next holiday excursion, it’s important to apply for a Visa to Egypt online. This will help you avoid any frustrations that might emerge due to late visa booking.

Here’s a detailed guide of how you should apply for a Visa to Egypt Online:
Residents of some countries are allowed to enter Egypt without necessarily having a Visa. These countries include Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Malaysia, UAE, Lebanon and Kuwait. This visa exemption spells great news for citizens of those particular countries. However, nations such as Algeria, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia and China also benefit from conditional visa exemption when visiting Egypt. Citizens dwelling in those countries can visit Egypt without a visa, but they must meet certain criteria stipulated by the Egyptian Government.

Apply for an Electronic Visa (e-visa) to Egypt
If you’re planning to tour Egypt from the United States or elsewhere, you can simply apply for an electronic visa. This gives you ample convenience since you only require a smartphone (or laptop) and a stable internet connection to apply for the e-visa. You might be wondering: what are the perks of getting an Egypt e-visa? First, it saves you the hassle of queueing for endless hours after arrival, waiting for customs to process a visa for you. Second, you have immense peace of mind knowing that your visa application is approved.

Applying for the Egypt eVisa is a quick and easy process that takes a few minutes to complete. You can use a tablet, computer or any other smart device to complete the application process. Apart from saving you hours of waiting, you also eliminate complications that sometimes occur at the border. Apart from the e-visa, an alternative option would be getting your visa processed at the Egypt airport upon arrival. This process could take longer than anticipated, causing you great inconveniences. Applying for an e-visa is faster and more advantageous to visitors travelling into Egypt for business or pleasure.

Who can apply for an e-visa?
Currently, about 50 countries are eligible to apply for an Egypt e-visa. These countries include Australia, Germany, Japan, the United States and the UK. However, plans are underway to add more countries into this list. The best part of applying for an e-visa is that you’re given the option of single visa or multi-entry visa. The latter allows visitors to exit and re-enter Egypt as frequently as desired over a 90-day period. Single entry visas, on the other hand, give tourists a one-entry pass into Egypt for 30 days maximum.
Ensure you apply for the e-visa at least seven days prior to your trip to Egypt. Once processed, you’re required to print a copy of your e-visa and avail it to Egyptian border officials as you enter the country.