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Frequent Flyer? The Latest Ways To Save Big

Frequent Flyer? The Latest Ways To Save Big

Frequent flyer programmes are often ignored even by those who travel often. There are a lot of them out there, and they can often seem confusing or not worthwhile if you haven’t looked into them in depth. Here are the best ways to save money using frequent flyer programmes – including some hacks and methods that have only become possible in recent years.

Fill In Surveys
Most frequent flyer experts won’t recommend filling in surveys often, as they only give you a small amount of points compared to the time they take to fill in. However, there are some exceptions where it might be worth your while. The first is if you are already travelling, and you are stuck without much to do to occupy your time. The surveys will give you something to do while you wait. Another is if you have not travelled in some time. Points usually expire if you don’t use them or top them up after a certain period, so use the surveys as a way to ensure that your earnings stay valid.

Compare Programmes
Not all frequent flyer offers are created equal, so it’s important that you are getting the most value for your money. Consider the amount of points that you will get with each purchase, how you can spend them, and how much they will be worth. You can also look into whether you are using the right credit card to maximise your points. Try to use the same programme as often as possible to get more rewards. If you fly with a low-cost airline, you might find that you can transfer your points to a more valuable programme to make them go further.

Double Dip
What is double dipping? In the frequent flyer world, it’s a technique used to increase your bonus points hugely. Start by making a purchase using a card that offers frequent flyer miles on your purchases. Next, make that purchase with a retailer or on a product which is offering bonus miles to buyers. This can double or even triple the miles you receive if you do it the right way. Look out for great deals often!

Get Sign-Up Bonuses
Lots of credit cards also offer sign-up bonuses which will give you a good boost of points, sometimes in the tens of thousands of miles. Take advantage of these by signing up, and then fulfilling the terms of the deal. If there is no longer a special offer allowing you to earn bonus points with that card, then you can switch to another! Sometimes, you will get bonuses all through the first year, which makes it worthwhile to stay.

The more you look into frequent flyer points, the more you will realise that they can save you a lot of money. From free trips, to free upgrades and extras, you can get a lot more for a lot less as a result of these loyalty programmes. Combine all of these techniques together and you’ll seriously save big.