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Touring Miami’s Best College Campuses

Touring Miami’s Best College Campuses

Surfing the internet for the best of the colleges for a better future could be the initial step in the process of finding a campus that suits your needs. Touring those campuses is the next pivotal step that actually helps you decide your future. Miami boasts of several universities par excellence that are not only renowned for their academics and sports merit but also for their beautiful college campuses. Taking a Miami charter bus rental to explore college campuses is a good idea as it is stress-free and reliable. Here are some of the best college campuses in Miami.

1. University of Miami
With multiple schools, the University of Miami is spread across 400 acres of beautiful landscape in south Miami. The prestigious university is divided into three different campuses in Miami-Dade County. The massive Coral Gables campus houses the undergraduate schools and colleges and can be toured on any day of the week. One has to sign up for an interactive session and tour on their website which is led by a student to explore the campus. Located a few miles away from downtown, the campus offers a diverse environment and views of the mesmerizing beach waves. The university is open to self-guided tours and group tours but it requires scheduling and registering beforehand.

2. Miami Dade College
Located within a few minutes north to the University of Miami is the charming Miami Dade College. Although the university sits right in the city center, it has its own charm to add to the campus. Built on an ex-naval air base, the university is divided into eight different campuses. Students and parents can register and schedule a date to visit the campuses that are spread across the Miami Beach from North Miami to Coconut Grove in the South. The schools have a contemporary architecture complete with sprawling acres of lawn and palm trees.

3. Nova Southeastern University
Known for producing the best medical professionals, Nova Southeastern University excels in providing a captivating campus. Located in the suburban area of Fort Lauderdale, the Nova campus is impressive with lakes and beach surrounding it. Anyone who wishes to get a campus tour can schedule an appointment with the admissions council and then get a free tour by one of the student ambassadors. The buildings and courtyards are remarkable complete with a swimming pool, libraries, and healthcare centers.

4. Florida International University
Located in the suburbs of Miami-Dade County, the gorgeous campus of the Florida International University is sure to impress you. The Moorish buildings and palm trees transport one to a different environment, allowing students to focus on their academics. Owing to its location, the campus is peaceful, with lakes and fountains to provide a healthy study environment. The diversity of the student body is incredible and one can experience it in either of the two campuses by scheduling a tour.

5. Barry University
Conveniently located in Miami Shores, Barry University is one among the highest ranking universities in Florida. Though the campus is small, this private Catholic university is known for its beautiful campus. Well manicured lawns, state of the art classrooms and a multicultural student body make this university top notch. Schedule your visit to tour this friendly campus led by one of the students.

Miami as a city is vibrant and full of life. Many universities are lined along the coast surrounded by the vast oceans that provide breathtaking views from the campus. So go ahead and embark on this road trip before picking a college that’ll shape your future.