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Find Out How Having Travel Insurance Can Transform Your Holiday

Find Out How Having Travel Insurance Can Transform Your Holiday

Travel insurance; it’s a life saver. We’ll discuss all the benefits below. 

Lost Items
Do you know how many people lose their luggage on holiday? A lot. Well, if you have travel insurance, you might actually get paid for your lost or stolen luggage. Your insurers will also help you through the steps of getting new identity papers or cover your transportation costs if your wallet was stolen.

Peace of Mind
A lot of things can go wrong aboard. You might even be afraid to travel because of it. But think of travel insurance like an umbrella; an umbrella that prevents storms from hitting you. If you experience a medical emergency in a foreign country, they’ll cover the expense and provide advice on how to navigate the foreign medical system. By visiting a local hospital or medical center for diagnosis, you could save yourself from going home early. You might even feel better in two or three days and can continue with the rest of your vacation.

Financial Protection
Travel insurance also offers a lot in the way of financial protection. Let’s start with cancelled flights. Sometimes without reason, your airline will cancel your flight. Depending on your policy, you may be able to reclaim the costs of these flights. Maybe it was you who had to cancel your flights. Pending your policy, you should be able to claim these too. 

Travel insurance also protects you when driving aboard. With some insurance companies, it might even act as a supplement to your car insurance. At a minimum, it will pay for a new rental vehicle so you can continue on your way. Travel insurance also protects you when you’re considered liable for damages. Depending on the policy, it may help you pay out if you accidentally hurt someone in a car accident. However, not if you’re at fault or contributed to the situation.

Literal Protection
On top of peace of mind and financial protection, travel insurance can offer literal protection. For example, travel insurance often covers things like medical evacuation costs. If you’re hurt while hiking in a remote area, they’ll be able to pay for or even arrange a medical evacuation to an appropriate medical facility. This saves you from the danger of some serious issues. For one, being misdiagnosed. Your travel insurance may also be able to pay for any emergency accommodation you need before you’re able to fly. This way, you can take the time to recover in a hotel room or hospital, then take another flight home. If you find yourself in a country where you feel unsafe, your insurance may also be able to provide protection. Whether it’s an evacuation from a city experiencing civil unrest or being hit by a hurricane, you’ll have someone ready to help.

Travel insurance makes travelling (almost) entirely stress-free. Shop for travel insurance policies on iSelect and find a cover that works for you.