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Charabanc to launch Superleggera series

CHARABANC, the original luxury car fragrance brand, announces the launch of its Superleggera series, the latest luxury diffuser from the Charabanc marque. Like its legendary Italian namesake, Charabanc Superleggera has been fittingly manufactured to represent the epitome of sleek, stylish automotive engineering.

Superlight, superslick and superstylish, Charabanc Superleggera has been manufactured entirely by hand and made in Great Britain. Environmentally mindful and eschewing all plastic, the stainless steel Superleggera diffuser comes with a strong magnetic clip which allows it to be attached to the air vent.

Charabanc’s famously exquisite and evocative ceramic fragrances are available separately in slimmer, lighter, Superleggera size. Charabanc’s fragrance journeys are inspired by the world’s most iconic drives and take you on an adventure from the fresh, leafy, Pennines of Great Britain to the wildflower meadows of Umbria, from the smokey, sense-swooning road to Samarqand to the after-the-monsoon misty hills above Hong Kong and the big, wide open roads of America’s Monument Valley Drive.

Charabanc Superleggera is available for purchase at and in-store exclusively in Fortnum & Mason from October 30th.

Charabanc Superleggera car diffuser is available for purchase at the introductory price for RRP £65 and fragrance refills RRP £30 for a limited period only.

Available online at, make sure you also follow Charabanc’s fantastic journey on Instagram