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The top 4 parks in Santa Ana that you have to visit

The top 4 parks in Santa Ana that you have to visit

There’s something about nature that brings about a sense of calmness and peace. This is why most nature lovers enjoy visiting outdoor spaces, especially those with beautiful scenery within a serene environment. Parks provide a great space to relax and unwind, and whether you are with family, friends, colleagues or doing a solo trip, a hang out can create beautiful memories.

Parks are also great destinations if you are looking for a safe place for kids to play. If you are travelling to Santa Ana there are several spots that you can visit and make your visit enjoyable, especially if you are a nature fan.  There are many great Parks in Santa Ana and here’s a look at the top 4 parks Santa Ana has that you have to visit.

Centennial Regional Park
If you are looking for a safe place where your kids and their friends can play and have fun, Centennial Park is one of the safest parks in Santa Ana and great for recreational activities. On 70 acres of parkland are 466 parking places, a lake where you can relax and feel the cool breeze, soccer and baseball fields where you can engage in games and a skate park. It also has a room for football, hiking exercise trail and great picnic areas.

It’s a great place for a family outing where you can take pictures and create memorable moments with your loved ones. The park provides a natural space with access to fresh air and a stunning view of the clear blue waters.

Carl Thorton Park
Carl Thornton Park is a great spot for picnics. The green scenery provides a perfect relaxation spot. The park also has outdoor gym equipment for those who are into fitness, sports fields, softball fields, a small lake, a children’s play area, and jogging trails. Apart from the beautiful green lawns, there is plenty of shade from the large trees. The play area and playing equipment provides a safe and fun space for kids. The equipment can be used by kids of all ages and abilities where they can spend time together.

Memorial Park
This park is filled with beautiful trees on a 17-acre land surrounding the area. The area provides a large space for you to play,  exercise or walk. It provides ample space for many recreational activities, like basketball and handball courts, picnic tables and stands, playground, a swimming pool, exercise and outdoor gym equipment, drinking fountain, among many others.

The parking space is also big allowing ample parking and ADA Accessibility. The playground gives enough space to walk around the park and sit down for a picnic.

Heritage Park
The Heritage Park is a great spot for games and other activities such as baseball and softball games. If you are looking for somewhere you can relax from a busy work schedule or stressful studies, this is a good spot to unwind. You can spend time here alone or with your friends, adding fun to your stressful days.

These are just some of the top best parks in Santa Ana that are worth a visit but you will find many more others in Santa Ana. Whether you are only going to these parks for a simple walk or to engage in some activity, it’ll help relieve your mind and reduce your stress levels.