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Breaking Travel News investigates: The Farm at San Benito

Breaking Travel News investigates: The Farm at San Benito

Having reopened its doors in May, the Farm at San Benito by CG Hospitality has been receiving rave reviews for its medically-supervised preventive health and integrative medical wellness programs.

The holistic medical wellness centre, led by its medical director and critical care specialist, Susan Balingit, promotes immune intelligence in response to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Their Covid-free healing environment became the second home of top celebrities, TV personalities and business entrepreneurs who wish to do their work while having an immersive healthy lifestyle.


Imagine “work from home” in the middle of nature with life-sustaining microbiome ecology, strong WI-FI connection and, most importantly, 24/7 access to our health professionals, wellness educational sessions, stress reducing treatments and immune boosting programs.

With this, the Farm is offering ‘Wellness Sabbatical’ long-stay rates for a minimum three weeks to month-long stays.

Now more than ever, the Farm has served its purpose in changing lives of people who experience this piece of healing sanctuary.

Staff pay homage to the visionaries who conceptualise the Farm and its mission which is deeply rooted in healing people by offering transformative and life-changing retreats for 18-years.

The Farm offers a “new luxury” which is not limited to luxurious amenities or accommodation, but is centred on giving priority on health and wellness through a holistic approach in a Covid-free environment.

During this pandemic, the Farm has done a tremendous preparation and continuously adapted in an urgent manner to the changing situations – always keeping in mind the overall wellbeing and safety of the guests.

Their Covid-free healing environment implements strict safety and sanitation protocols on hygiene and cleanliness.

They administer FDA-approved antibody Covid-19 rapid testing to all incoming guests, and also encourage guests to test twice upon entry as well as before leaving the premises.

As an added safety measure, the Farm also offers FDA-approved COVID-19 antigen swab test which has comparable sensitivity and specificity to PCR to all its guests especially those who are staying at the Farm long-term.

Operating in the “new normal” and managing guest expectations of social distancing and personal engagement, the Farm team came up with a redesigned guest journey to reduce human contact through QR codes that will be available on site and be visible on the website and digital platforms.

The QR codes will be introduced in public areas, restaurants, and across all departments in the medical wellness resort.

The Farm aims in promoting paperless menu and supporting eco-friendly and cost-saving approach.

One simply needs to scan the QR code instead of touching the physical copies of the menu.

The Farm offers immune support program which includes Covid-19 testing, medically-supervised holistic treatments to support the immune system, nutrient-rich organic vegan meals and beverages, microbiome nourishment, and mindful movements.

More importantly, it includes psycho-emotional session to ensure that mental health and emotional state are well attended too especially during this time of pandemic which can trigger anxiety and panic attacks.

Find out more on the official website.

World Spa Awards

The Farm at San Benito is currently in the running for the title of Philippines’ Best Wellness Retreat at the prestigious World Spa Awards.

Voters are urged to make their voices heard here.