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Breaking Travel News investigates: Dassault Systèmes launches immersive Expo Milano 3D tour

Breaking Travel News investigates: Dassault Systèmes launches immersive Expo Milano 3D tour

Dassault Systèmes and Expo Milano 2015 have unveiled the enhanced virtual tour, a 3D-immersive, real-time experience that brings the Expo Milano 2015 to life with new levels of realism and features for millions of visitors. 

The enhanced virtual tour blends virtual reality and 3D realistic pictures with gamification and educational techniques to share the World Expo in an interactive way.

The initial version, which first went live in February 2015 offering a virtual preview of the Expo prior to its opening, has been completely transformed through the integration of spherical photography with 3D models, enabling dynamic navigation and rich interactivity in a high-impact visual 3D environment.

The enhanced virtual tour is now a vivid, virtual counterpart to the Expo Milano’s physical site that engages 3D storytelling to enhance the Expo’s theme, ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life’.

Immersive, 3D navigation can create unique experiences that free the imagination as well as complement experiences at the physical site.

Now through October 31st, 2015, virtual visitors can engage in a 360-degree walkthrough inside and outside pavilions, roads and parks that line the Expo Milano’s physical site as if they were there. 

Viewers can explore the entire Expo site

The Expo’s physical site is fully represented with a 3D map that can be explored all while enjoying informative, interactive and entertaining multimedia content along the way illustrating stories related to the Expo’s theme.

The geo-located enhanced virtual tour covers the two main avenues: the Decumano, reserved for participating countries, and the Cardus, reserved for Italy.

Expo Milan will welcome 20 million guests before it closes in October

Visitors can zoom and click their way through thematic areas such as the Zero Pavilion, Biodiversity Park, Civil Society Pavilion and Children’s Park. 

Nine clusters dedicated to specific food-related subjects such as rice, coffee, fruits & legumes, spices, cereals & tubers, islands, sea & food and arid zones can be investigated.

Visitors from all over the world can also enjoy guided tours with itineraries and 3D navigation throughout the halls inside individual country pavilions, including those of Italy and Switzerland.

The enhanced virtual tour is available online in English, Italian and French. 

It can be accessed with the Samsung Gear VR app, the Facebook app or on the 4,000 tablets available for rent on-site.

The enhanced virtual tour has also been integrated into the digital guide for schools visiting the Expo, connecting teachers and students in a fun and encouraging learning-by-doing dynamic.

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