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Breaking Travel News Interview with Marloes Knippenberg, CEO Kerten Hospitality

Breaking Travel News Interview with Marloes Knippenberg, CEO Kerten Hospitality

The next in our series of Interviews with Industry Leaders attending FHS Saudi Arabia taking place on the 29 April - 01 May 2024 at Mandarin Oriental Al Faisaliah, Riyadh. Today we speak with Marloes Knippenberg, CEO Kerten Hospitality.

BTN: What are your core areas of focus when it comes to investment? I.e in the areas of innovation, sustainability, human capital and/or technology?

MK: Our expansion philosophy at Kerten Hospitality is deeply rooted in innovation, sustainability, human capital, and community. We believe these areas are not just trends but foundational elements for the future of hospitality. Innovation drives us to redefine the guest experience, creating unique and memorable stays. Sustainability is at the core of our operations, reflecting our commitment to environmental stewardship and social responsibility. Investing in human capital is crucial for empowering our team, fostering a culture of excellence and growth. Lastly, community engagement and integrated living plays a pivotal role by being our guiding compass for everything we create. Together, these pillars guide our investment strategy, ensuring we deliver value to our guests, employees, and stakeholders.

BTN: What is your outlook for the hospitality industry in Saudi Arabia and the wider Middle East in 2024 and beyond?

MK: The outlook for the hospitality industry in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East is incredibly promising. As we move into 2024 and beyond, we are seeing a significant transformation driven by Vision 2030 in Saudi Arabia and similar initiatives across the region. These changes are creating a fertile ground for tourism and hospitality, marked by a surge in demand for diverse and sustainable travel experiences. With the region’s rich cultural heritage, combined with investments in infrastructure and technology, and the private and public sectors coming together like our collaboration with the Saudi Ministry of Tourism through “The Collective by Kerten Hospitality”, I anticipate a period of robust growth, innovation, and international attention. Saudi Arabia, in particular, is becoming a global tourism powerhouse, attracting travelers seeking authentic, rich, and sustainable experiences.”


BTN: What does your panel/presentation/workshop at FHS focus on and what will delegates be able to take away from your session?

MK: I look forward to discussing how by coming together we are shaping the future of hospitality. We will explore case studies from our portfolio, demonstrating how these concepts are applied in real-world settings. Delegates can expect to take away actionable insights on integrating successful practices into their operations, leveraging integrated living to enhance the guest experiences, and strategies for fostering a culture of innovation within their teams. Our goal is to inspire attendees to think differently about their approach to hospitality, equipped with practical knowledge to implement change.

BTN: What are you looking forward to most from your attendance at FHS Saudi Arabia?

MK: What excites me most about attending FHS Saudi Arabia is the opportunity to engage with like-minded professionals who are equally passionate about transforming the hospitality landscape. The summit is a melting pot of ideas, innovation, and inspiration, providing a platform for meaningful exchanges and collaborations. I am particularly looking forward to sharing our journey and learnings at Kerten Hospitality, while also gaining fresh perspectives from peers. It is these connections and shared experiences that drive our industry forward, and FHS is an invaluable catalyst for this collective progress.