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Best ways to get around Cancun during your travel

Best ways to get around Cancun during your travel

About to travel to Cancun and want to know your options to get around in that place? This article explores all the ways you have available to travel around Cancun.

Located in Mexico, Cancun is a great place to visit. This place is recognized worldwide for its spectacular white sand beaches and breathtaking sea in shades of turquoise blue. Besides that, Cancun is also home to plenty of unique natural sites, Mayan culture, various fun activities and adventures, and delicious cuisine. Here, you’ll also find exclusive shopping centers and sophisticated wellness facilities for a fancy relaxing trip.

So, Cancun is definitely worth visiting. But, the question remains, “how do you get around the city to do all these fun things and see all the impressive attractions?”

Well, rest assured because there are plenty of ways to get around Cancun.

If you are ok with traveling by public transportation, the good news is that Cancun has a great bus system that covers pretty much all main areas in the city. Travelers that come here typically take routes R1 and R2 because they can simply flag down drivers along the travel by simply pressing the stop-request button you’ll find inside the bus above the handrails. A ride by bus here will cost you around 12 pesos (about 60 cents) per person.

Taxis aren’t all that expensive here. But, like it is everywhere else, a trip by taxi will cost you more than a trip by bus. The highest fares when it comes to taxi travel are within the Hotel Zones. In other parts of Cancun, you usually pay less for a trip by taxi. You can negotiate the price with the taxi driver for a trip, or at least you can try and see if you get a discount.

If you prefer alternative taxi services, find out that Uber is also available in Cancun.

Private transport services
If you don’t want to struggle for too much to get from the Airport to your accommodation, private transport services from the Cancun Airport, such as Cancun Shuttle, are also available. Such services are handy for bigger groups traveling together that would probably struggle to find enough taxis or bus seats to travel together.

What’s more, another plus of these services is that you can book transportation prior to your arrival. So, you’ll know for sure that the car will be waiting for you as you arrive in Cancun. You won’t have to worry about finding transportation to your hotel or accommodation when you arrive.

Driving is also, obviously, a solution to get around Cancun, whether you arrive there by your personal car or rent one as you arrive. However, find out that police is known for pulling over tourists at a pretty high frequency. If you want to make sure you avoid any encounters with the authorities, getting around the city by car isn’t probably the best idea.

On foot
Obviously, walking around the city is another option and can also be a better way to immerse in the city and explore every corner of it.

Walking is an excellent option if you only walk from your hotel to the beach because most hotels here are situated pretty close to the seaside. You may also get around on foot if you’re walking along some parts of Boulevard Kukulcan. However, there are also some parts here that are too spread out to explore by walking.