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“Back again?” “Of course. It’s Catchin’ Caicos.”

“Back again?” “Of course. It’s Catchin’ Caicos.”

Summertime means family fun outdoors, bustling public spaces, and life in full bloom once again. As the masses reconvene to mix and mingle, the question most commonly overheard is, “Oh, you’re taking a trip. Fantastic! Where to?” or some similarly joyous iteration. Lately, the talk of the town has been the perennially trendy, oft-mentioned Turks and Caicos, a tropical utopia that has a charming way of enticing guests to return to its crystal-clear waters. Recently awarded with “Top Beach in the World” by Travel and Leisure Magazine, now more than ever, these repeat visits have been prompted by one experience: Catchin’ Caicos, a wildly successful, immersive luxury fishing and relaxation charter.

To fully immerse guests and allow them to explore the incredible natural beauty of the Turks and Caicos Islands, Catchin’ Caicos offers a top-tier choice between a fully equipped 36’ Benchmark Catamaran outfitted with a double-hull and 430hp diesel engine, or a 60’ Hatteras yacht, both of which boast spacious fighting decks to engage in duels on the line with fish.

Flocks of fish and people gather year-round in the Turks and Caicos Island. This time of year, prized catches are some of the largest fish in the sea: blue and white catch-and-release marlin, blackfin and yellowfin tuna. To guarantee a smooth fishing experience, each vessel is outfitted with industry-standard fishing equipment: Talica TAC50II Drag Reels on the Benchmark and Shimano Tiagra TI80WA 2-Speed Lever Drag Reels on the Hatteras, all mounted on Blackfin rods. These winning combinations of reel and rod induce a drag system able to sustain battles with the grittiest fish on the line.

Once the angling is complete for the day, Catchin Caicos’ luxury craft shuttle visitors and their catches back to shore to prepare the fish for the guests to bring home, or to a local restaurant for a true fisherman’s feast. Restaurants like Omar’s Beach Hut are known to welcome Catchin’ Caicos guests by the water’s edge.

A consistently unrivaled dedication to excellent service places Catchin’ Caicos in the upper echelon of luxury sports fishing adventures. Day in and day out, Captain Roy, Captain Codney and crew continue to uplift and encourage deep-sea and shallow water expeditioners to catch the sea’s toughest fish.

An impeccable TripAdvisor review catalog further bolsters the Catchin’ Caicos experience, with 66 out of 68 reviews rating the charter group 5/5 stars. TripAdvisor reviewer Danny W made sure to complement each and every member of the team, noting first that “Codney and Nick adapted our day to the fishing conditions and experience level of our group and made it a memorable trip! We were able to catch and keep enough yellowtail snapper, strawberry grouper and triggerfish to take to dinner that night (shout out to Da Conch Shack for preparing it for us) - can’t beat same day fresh fish!”

For Danny, every aspect was flawless even before stepping on his luxury vessel, explaining that “CJ was excellent in helping us plan our trip and answering questions, even with other activities while we were on the island. Of all the trips I’ve booked over the years, she was by far the best from a support perspective!”

TripAdvisor reviewer Rebecca gushed about her time with Catchin’ Caicos, exclaiming, “This fishing excursion was absolutely amazing! We truly can’t say enough good things about it. First, CJ was fabulous to work with in scheduling and setting up all our snacks, drinks, and transportation! Thanks CJ! The Captain and First Mate were absolutely the best in working with the kids and our family to keep the trip easy and fun. We would absolutely book another trip with them again, Highly Recommend!!! Love Catchin’ Caicos! Thanks guys!”

As if the commitment to service and comfort for travelers wasn’t evident, yet another TripAdvisor reviewer Daryl D. lauded the crew through his repeat visits; he’s “been on multiple trips with them with excellent service, top quality boats, and tackle [each time]. Codney, Nick, Roy, Marv, and Blaze are all fun to be with and really take care of you.”

Catchin’ Caicos seamlessly blends all the elements of euphoria together: adventure, family, relaxation and feasting. With little speculation as to why it maintains a spotless reputation, guests continue to book return trips immediately after touching down at home. The allure of the tropics is amplified on this unforgettable luxury charter excursion.

For more information or to book an experience, visit Catchin’ Caicos’ website or call 649-244-2927.