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6 Fun ways to display photos around your home

6 Fun ways to display photos around your home

With the current camera technology available on our smartphones, we all have the opportunity to capture precious memories within a few clicks. The real challenge then is to find ways to display those lovely photos and memories around your home. The classic photo albums and picture frames just seem a bit boring and outdated.. So, here are 6 super fun ways you can show your images off and preserve fond memories in your home.

Personalised photo books
While the classic photo albums may be a boring way to keep your images, personalised photo books are so much more fun and interesting, though the concept remains similar. However, what is unique about them is that you are able to personalise exactly how you want to display your images, add your own comments to the memories and even have your own image / title on the cover.
This is especially fun if you create a book for every country you visit or simply for every year - after a while, you will end up having a bookshelf full of memories!

Fridge magnets
We often tend to buy fridge magnets as little souvenirs from the different places or countries we visit. Why not just make those magnets into images, which represent your memories much better? Again, this can be easily and affordably done, but it adds a bit of fun into your kitchen space. It also makes for a super fun souvenir to give to your family and friends after a holiday.

Standing frames
Normal picture frames are used by absolutely everyone - we all have some hanging on our walls or resting on the table. However, standing frames on the floor are a unique way to show off your most loved images. You may get the stands in different colours and aesthetics to match your interior. The photo that is hanging from it will typically be fairly large in size, so it makes for a great accessory detail for your home too.

A family calendar
Another fun idea that will also act as a sweet gift for friends and family is a personalised image calendar. This means that you will have one or more of your images in each month page of the calendar. This is especially great for those of us who get a bit bored of looking at the same image for months. The calendar allows you to switch it up regularly without having to print out any new images and will perhaps act as a fun thing to look forward to at the beginning of each month.

Personalised games
What better way to combine family fun with fond memories of our loved ones than creating some personalised games to play together. These can be either huge family puzzles that have been made out of an image and can later be framed on a wall. It can also be any other classic board game, such as a memory game or the “guess who?” game with images of family members. This is your chance to get creative and have some fun!

A huge wall canvas
Instead of looking for a new wallpaper to update in one of your rooms, why not make your own? Having a huge canvas as an accent wall in one of the rooms or the hall is a brilliant idea for those who have sooo many photos that they struggle to pick a few to display. You can either print out multiple large images and make it into a gallery wall or have hundreds of small ones all across the canvas. If you struggle to get a canvas that is big enough, simply use multiple smaller ones across the whole wall.