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5 Tips to Shopping at Insadong in Seoul, South Korea

5 Tips to Shopping at Insadong in Seoul, South Korea

1.  Prepare adequately
Before any shopping trip, it is essential for one to prepare themselves to make sure that they get the most out of their efforts. In this case, carry adequate cash, preferably with some change to make your shopping easy. In addition, ensure that you make a list of what you want, which will make it convenient for you to go to the shops that have exactly what you want. To help you with this, ensure that you check out this detailed Insadong travel guide by Busy Tourist which will help you make a suitable plan. If you are going with kids, ensure that you carry snacks just in case they get hungry before you are done, or some toys which they can entertain themselves with.

2.  Visit many shops
To get the best out of this trip, it is best to go to multiple shops and have a wide variety of items to choose from. Walking around will enable you to check out all the items that you can get, in addition to comparing the prices. This will be a great advantage to you as you will get everything that you need within your budget. Visiting multiple places in Insadong will also grant you the chance to interact with people and get to learn more about the Korean culture, in addition to making new friends.

3.  Take breaks
Walking around for long periods can take a toll on you, making you quite irritable and tired. While shopping, therefore, it is important to take breaks, in order to give you time to catch your breath and to get a bit of rest. You can, for instance, have some coffee in a café and get lunch at a restaurant. This will grant you the opportunity to sample some of the Korean cuisines which is absolutely amazing. Having a coffee break will help you pause and take in the beautiful scenery of all that is Insadong.

4.  Go on the weekends
Insadong is a pretty popular place in Korea and most of the time all those streets are populated with large numbers of people and cars. To avoid the hustle and bustle while shopping, it is recommended to go during the weekends. The main advantage of this is the fact that during the weekends, cars are not allowed on the streets in the afternoon. It will thus grant you more space and freedom to move around the area with ease.

5.  Enjoy the experience
Insadong streets are vibrant and full of culture and contain so many things that you would love to participate in. To get the most out of the whole trip, view the experience not only as one for shopping but one to learn lots of new things as well. As you shop, take pictures, ask questions, do not be in a rush. Pay attention to your surroundings and try as much as possible to learn as much as you can about the rich Korean culture. Carry a language guide with you as it will make communication easier. If you can, go with a friend as well. This will make the whole experience memorable.