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4 Signs That Say You’re Ready to Settle Down

4 Signs That Say You’re Ready to Settle Down

Settling down—for some, those two words are terrifying. For others, though, they mean a whole new adventure that they cannot wait for. Settling down doesn’t necessarily have to imply you have a partner beside you. It can also mean that you are ready to buy that house you’ve been looking at, get a pet, take a break from travelling and focus on your career.
If the concept scares you, then maybe you’re not quite ready. There is nothing wrong with taking your time. However, if you start to notice some of the following signs, they may be telling you that the time for a more sedentary lifestyle is fast approaching.

You Drive by Favourite Houses
Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean you are ready to completely change your lifestyle. However, if you keep wondering about that one house with a for sale sign on it, are checking the market, and are seeing how far away you are from a down payment, then you may be ready to settle down.

Buying a house is a significant investment, and not a decision to be made on a whim. Since the housing market around the world is constantly changing—very much including the Toronto real estate market—you wouldn’t want to randomly buy a house just to turn around and sell it a year later and lose money.

Start Thinking Long-Term
If you’re someone who loves to travel the world and live life one day at a time, you’re likely thinking about everything with a short-term mindset. You’re not concerned quite yet about how things will be several years down the road. Rather, what is happening right now is what matters.

But if you notice that you’re making more long-term plans, that can be a sign that you’re ready to settle down. Focusing on the future and preparing for what lies ahead, even if you’re still living in the moment, you’re now thinking about how your decisions will affect you a while from now.

The Future Doesn’t Scare You
The future can be scary. You don’t really know what can happen, and it may not go according to plan. The moment you realise that the future doesn’t frighten you anymore, though, can be a sign you’re ready to put down roots.

You no longer look at getting old as the end of the world. Instead, you see it as the next step in your journey, and that is okay. You can picture what your future will look like and set up goals to reach that dream.

You Don’t Feel Like You’re Missing Out
If you’re always on the go and cannot miss a thing, you may not yet be ready to opt for a less spontaneous lifestyle. However, if you’re okay with staying in on a Friday night and going to bed at 9:30 pm, you may be ready to start settling down.
That fear of missing out can push us to keep busy, trying to get the max out of life nonstop. But once you’re content with where you are at, and you don’t feel like you’re missing out on anything, it can be a sign that your lifestyle is ready for a change.