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Visit Jersey launches Royal Fluke campaign

Visit Jersey has launched its new video campaign, titled the Royal Fluke, which aims to share unique heritage stories from the island to provide depth and texture to the destination brand.

Jersey has a special identity and it is hoped this new campaign shines light on the people, places and produce that make the island distinct, while inspiring first-time visitors to consider it for their next holiday.

The campaign focuses on the story of the discovery of a new potato variety in 1878 by Hugh de la Haye, which although infamous across the island, is not widely known off its shores.

The campaign utilises video content showing the breath-taking views afforded on the island, with the story of how the potato came to be, narrated in the form of a poem.

Christened the Jersey Royal Fluke, the discovery changed the Jersey Royal potato industry from that point on and put Jersey on the map.

During this current climate, Visit Jersey has also launched a number of experiences on its

website, allowing for armchair travel to take place until their shores can be visited again.