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England Rugby Travel prepares for World Cup 2019 in Japan

The exclusive travel agent in Great Britain for Rugby World Cup 2019 has revealed the lengths its travel experts have gone to in order to provide customers with the best experience while they are in Japan supporting their team.

England Rugby Travel’s experts don’t simply rely on reviews to put packages together for clients with the best possible accommodation, excursions and dining options. 

They instead immerse themselves in the culture of the nations that they offer trips to and ensure that they make an informed decision on behalf of their clients based on their own experiences whilst they are visiting in the package preparation phase. 

The time the experts spend in Japan in the planning phase is far from a holiday and can be quite arduous; they are required to go to multiple locations in a single day, often many miles apart, to meet suppliers and check elements of their packages, before getting a few hours of sleep in a different hotel every night.

Testing different restaurants is a crucial part of the team’s job, because they need to be able to make solid recommendations based on their experiences and ensure that all kinds of dietary requirements are catered for.

Due to the demanding and tiring nature of the trip, experts are often working 24/7 with the sole purpose of gaining a greater understanding of the country.

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