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Empty planes head to Mexico

30 April 2009 Press Release Airline News

Airlines are flying some nearly empty planes from the United States to Mexico, a strong indication that swine flu concerns are keeping travelers at home. Continental Airlines, American Airlines and US Airways offer the most services to Mexico from the US and they are all seeing big falls in demand.

US Airways-Qatar Airways Codeshare Agreement

3 April 2009 Press Release Airline News

Beginning in May, US Airways customers will be able to enjoy seamless travel between the United States and Qatar, thanks to a new codeshare agreement between Qatar Airways and US Airways. The agreement is subject to both United States and foreign government approval. A filing in support of the carriers’ new agreement was submitted to the U.S. Department of Transportation this week.

Unsung heroes of the Hudson River plane crash

20 January 2009 Press Release Airline News

The US Airways Airbus A320 that made its spectacular landing in the Hudson river last week had three unsung heroes on board.The pilot, Chesley “Sulley” Sullenburger kept his cool and saved all 155 lives with his quick thinking and acute judgement however the three flight attendants on board the plane also remind us what it really means to work in the skies.

Pilot landed in Hudson to avoid ‘catastrophe’ in Manhattan

19 January 2009 Press Release Airline News

Black box data has confirmed that a collision with a flock of birds caused the US Airways Airbus A320 to lose power, forcing the pilot to crash land into the Hudson River shortly after take-off. The pilot also told crash investigators that he ditched the plane in the Hudson River to avoid a potentially “catastrophic” crash in Manhattan.

Airbus crashes into Hudson river

15 January 2009 Press Release Airline News

US Airways flight 1549, an Airbus A320 en route to Charlotte from LaGuardia, with at least 152 people aboard, has crashed into the Hudson River in New York City but no loss of life has been reported.

US Airways updates Envoy service

3 April 2008 Press Release Airline News

US Airways has freshened up its Envoy (trans-Atlantic business class service) experience to meet the expectations of “today’s discerning travelers”.

US Airways upgrades first class menu

20 December 2007 Press Release Airline News

US Airways has introduced new, upgraded menus for customers seated in its First Class cabin on flights in the United States, Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean.

US Airways partners Travel Channel

6 December 2007 Press Release Airline News

US Airways hasentered into a partnership with Travel Channel to produce a 60-minuteentertainment program, which began airing onboard video-equipped flights this month.

US Airways pushes Beijing claim

6 August 2007 Press Release Airline News

US Airways has toldthe U.S. Department of Transportation that the airline’s bid fordaily service to China in 2009 provides maximum competition for U.S. consumersand greater convenience for shippers, while also establishing a new gateway toChina for more than 150,000 passengers annually.

US Airways bids for Beijing flights

17 July 2007 Press Release Airline News

US Airways launched a bid for daily non-stop flights from Philadelphia to Beijing that will bring new competitive options to China throughout the East Coast and mid-Atlantic regions.

US Airways Announces New Online Promotion

13 February 2004 Press Release Airline News

US Airways is offering a “Buy Three Online, Get One Free*” program which rewards customers with free* travel for purchasing tickets and flying on US Airways, US Airways Express or US Airways Shuttle between Feb. 13, 2004 and June 15, 2004.