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Puerto Rico Convention Centre looks set to revolutionise the Caribbean

22 January 2004 Press Release Tourism News

By Marvin A. Hokstam:No destination in the Caribbean seems to realise better than Puerto Rico that inventiveness is key in today’s world economy. The Spanish speaking US state is pouring multi millions into constructing the largest convention centre in the region and has committed to competing aggressively for a fair share in the rapidly growing ‘convention tourism market’. At the end of a tour of the facilities, still under construction, at the entrance of Old San Juan, one could not but agree with a lenticular postcard sized flyer that interchanges from an artist’s rendition of the Convention Centre into a huge wave. “The design of the building depicts the waves of the sea that surround us,” explained Ana Viscasillas, Vice President, Marketing of the Puerto Rico Convention Bureau. No doubt. The island is evidently ready to take the convention tourism market by storm.