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Zambia signs on as Convention & Culture Partner for ITB Berlin 2018

Zambia signs on as Convention & Culture Partner for ITB Berlin 2018

Zambia, a jewel strategically located in the heart of southern Africa, continues to poise itself as an auspicious destination and it is still largely untouched by tourism exploits.

This naturally beautiful country will be the Convention & Culture Partner of ITB Berlin 2018.

“With Zambia as Convention & Culture Partner we will get to know a fascinating country with untouched nature,” said David Ruetz, head of ITB Berlin.

“It has good prospects as a tourism destination and is currently developing a highly sustainable tourism infrastructure.

“We look forward to highlighting the attractions of Zambia as a travel destination in 2018.”


Commenting on this partnership with ITB Berlin, Zambia minister of tourism Charles Banda said that his country stands out as one of the prime tourism destinations in Africa.

He explained the country offered a wealth of natural tourism assets – colourful cultures, waterfalls, lakes and rivers holding about 35 per cent of southern Africa’s total natural water resource, ‘wildlife protected areas’ occupying about ten per cent of the country’s total land area, and a tropical climate.

As the Convention & Cultural Partner of ITB Berlin, 2018, Zambia will present its many natural and cultural attractions to the visitors of ITB Berlin in entrance area 21.

Zambia stills offers unspoiled nature marvelled with arable land for agricultural activities to support the livelihoods of the local people.

At 53 years of independence, Zambia continues to lead by example as a beacon of peace in Southern Africa, an asset that counts as a very safe travel destination.