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Wellness taken to new level at Es Saadi Marrakech resort

Wellness taken to new level at Es Saadi Marrakech resort

When Es Saadi opened its stunning 3000sqm Palace Spa it brought the best in health and wellness to the heart of Marrakech.

Now the spa has taken this offering to the next level with a new Spa Suite, new gut and hydro-therapy treatments, a new slow food philosophy and Yoga Retreats in partnerships with Le Tigre Yoga Club. 

Es Saadi fully encompasses mindful wellness throughout, meditate in the gardens surrounded by beautiful trees and plants, enjoy healthy slow food or visit the spa, enjoy a manicure or pedicure in a private salon whilst taking in the views of the city.

Designed and built around a 100-year-old eucalyptus tree the spa offers a welcoming and calm respite from the city’s dusty souks.

Stretching over three floors the spa is home to the Oriental Thermae, a range of traditional and contemporary treatments and the only Dior Institute outside Paris.


The spa also welcomes guests with its marbled Moroccan Hamman’s, natural herb saunas and large hydrotherapy pool.

The new treatments available at the Spa include a new Hydrotherapy Massage, which combines a hydrotherapy system of five pivoting shower heads with a four-hand massage.

The effect on the body is immediate, plunging you in to a deep sense of relaxation, whilst awakening the senses through various movements.

The therapist’s touch paired with the hydro massage encourages a number of wellbeing benefits, promoting drainage and lymphatic circulation to relax tense muscles, while the rain effect tones and purifies the skin.

The gut massage is another new treatment on offer at Es Saadi. This type of massage was inspired by Chinese medicine, where the stomach is often referred to as the ‘second brain’.

Entirely developed on the idea of circulating vital energy, the massage is an ideal remedy for relieving fatigue, stress, anxiety and digestive issues.

The brand new Spa Suite is the ultimate indulgent spa destination in the privacy of your own capacious suite.

The Oriental Thermae offers a series of hot and cold rooms to purify, detoxify and revitalise the body.

The seven different rooms vary by offering a different scent or lighting, as well as temperature.

The design is splendid with an Ice Foundation sculpted out of marble and then embellished with zellige mosaics from Fez.