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Urban Nirvana Targets to Open 20 Spas in 2012

Urban Nirvana Targets to Open 20 Spas in 2012

The dynamism of the national or international Spa and Wellness market is unstoppable; virtually every day new trends are developing and new markets are being opened up. Major numbers of Spas opening are Hotel or Resort Spas due to huge growth in Hospitality markets in the Asia.

“Urban Nirvana Wellness Corporation LLP (UNWC)” has been incorporated in December 2011 to support these upcoming Hotel and Resort Spas for Spa Management and Spa Operations. UNWC since its incorporation has already started its operations in 4 properties; 2 in Goa, 1 in Bandhavgarh and 1 in Alibag.

“UNWC targets to open its Operations in minimum 20 Spa’s in the next coming 12 months out of which 80 to 90% operations would be in India and rest would be based out of India, UNWC is looking at GCC as its main target market for Operations outside India” Said Dr. Manish Patwardhan, CEO and Founder of UNWC.

Dr. Manish also said that the biggest challenge in this growth is professionally trained manpower and for this He has just launched a ‘Spa Wellness Academy ‘in Pune, which is housed in an independent bungalow of over 2000sq.ft, well equipped with all Training facilities. According to him Spa Wellness Academy expects to turn around minimum of 240 Students in the next 12 months, which are expected to mainly be employed by UNWC in the projects, which they will manage and operate.