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UNIGLOBE makes travel simple with Complete Access Online

UNIGLOBE makes travel simple with Complete Access Online

Corporate bookers will be aware that getting relevant flight options several times a day, for multiple travellers can leave them time-starved.

Uniglobe hopes to allay these concerns with a tool that saves valuable time for flight search and booking, and also does much more.

As one Uniglobe expert points out: “Being a coordinator can be tough especially when one has to use traditional methods for sourcing flight options; go through their availability; check and sort them for price, schedule and whether or not they best suit your traveller’s needs.

“The entire process can take over 20 minutes and that’s a lot of time.”

Uniglobe recommends the use of their proprietary tool called UNIGLOBE Complete Access Online.

The product is designed specifically for travel coordinators who want to save time while researching or booking domestic and international flights.

Offering round-the-clock access to web fares, as well as travel-agent-only fares, including any private or corporate code supported fares – Uniglobe Complete Access Online display all they need to know in one single screen.

From login to actual booking - it’s lightening fast and only needs a few keystrokes.

Is it safe? As a travel administrator, an individual login connects you to your pre-approved credit line for easy purchase.

No credit card details are required unlike other conventional online systems - so higher data security and lower risks.

When it comes to booking, this tool can access your traveller’s profile and complete the reservation for the selected travel option.

Gone are the days when this would require several emails to be exchanged or phone calls to be made.

What’s more your travel bookings are fully supported by Uniglobe experts to ensure complete, personalised service whenever needed – the best of both online and offline worlds.

Interested parties can receive detailed reports of tickets issued both online and offline, which supports effective billing and provides useful information about travel patterns to improve future cost containment.

It’s a full travel management system to add significant time-savings for you and improved cost containment opportunities for your company.

Uniglobe corporate travel clients can even take advantage of a special version of this tool with rich features like online pre–trip approval systems for faster easier bookings that comply with their company’s policy.