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UK visitor numbers to Germany up nearly 11%

UK visitor numbers to Germany up nearly 11%

While the autumn mists seem to be closing in, the latest statistics from Destination Deutschland are a ray of sunshine in the autumn gloom.  Throughout the period of July 2013, the number of recorded overnight stays in Germany by visitors from the UK was 561,414 – showing a +10.6% increase compared to the same period for July 2012.

Figures continue to rise month by month and for the overall 7th month period of January – July 2013, the statistics show an impressive +8.1% in comparison with 2012.  The reasons for this increased interest in Germany are varied, reflecting the sheer choice available for travel. Cultural visits, city breaks, sports interest, or lazy, longer stays in the countryside (camping in Germany is becoming increasingly popular), health and wellness – to name but a few.  Visitors from the UK have realised that Germany offers choice, value for money and extends a very warm welcome to visitors –summer, winter, whatever the time of year!

The German National Tourist Office (GNTO) has recently launched two new campaigns for 2014: a new ‘Royal Heritage Route’ marking the 300th anniversary of the Hanoverian accession to the thrones of the UK and Ireland: and a multi-media campaign, with new website for accessible travel: ‘Discover Germany BarrierFree’  Both campaigns are now live, making Germany even more welcoming – and dare we say it – irresistible for 2014.

Klaus Lohmann, Director GNTO UK and Ireland said: “This has been an exceptional summer; many visitors tell us that once they have ‘discovered’ Germany, they return again and again. There is so much to discover there, that of course this could take some time!  We’re delighted that so many visitors from the UK are finding their ideal holiday in Germany and long may it continue”.