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UK passengers from west Africa to be screened for Ebola

UK passengers from west Africa to be screened for Ebola

Passengers arriving at UK terminals from Ebola hit countries in western Africa will face “enhanced screening” the government has announced.

Those thought to be at risk arriving from Liberia, Sierra Leone or Guinea will face the measures at London Gatwick and London Heathrow Airport and the Eurostar terminal in Folkestone.

Downing Street said passengers would be asked questions and potentially given a medical assessment.

The Ebola outbreak has already killed more than 3,000 people and infected more than 7,200 - mostly in west Africa.

People leaving areas affected by the outbreak have been subject to checks for some weeks, although people do not become infectious until they display symptoms.


Earlier this week a Spanish nurse became the first person to contract the deadly virus outside of West Africa.

Ministers had earlier ruled out introducing screening at UK airports.

This was in line with advice from the World Health Organization.

But in a statement, Number 10 said advice from the chief medical officer was that checks on arrivals would “offer an additional level of protection to the UK”.