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UK joins top three European source markets for Taiwan

UK joins top three European source markets for Taiwan

Taiwan last year welcomed the largest ever number of British tourists - a record-breaking 64,719 travellers - representing an increase of 8.3 per cent on 2016.

The UK market has grown year-on-year since 2013 and joins Germany and France as the three largest sources of European travellers into Taiwan.

As a holiday destination, Taiwan offers British travellers a seamless combination of Asia’s highlights, from ultra-modern cities and a mouth-watering food scene to dramatic mountainous terrain flanked by expansive coastlines and centuries-old traditions and cultures.

Joe Y Chou, director general of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, said: “Over the past year, we’ve been focusing on increasing visitor numbers from all of our key international markets, including the UK, so we’re delighted to have welcomed the largest number of British tourists ever to Taiwan in 2017.

“We are dedicated to maintaining this year-on-year growth into 2018 through our close involvement with members of the UK travel trade and continuing to highlight what makes our country such an incredible holiday destination.”


Currently sold by more than 50 tour operators in the UK, two new operators added Taiwan to their portfolio for the first time in 2017.

In order to further drive UK visitor numbers in 2017, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau worked closely with the Pacific Asia Travel Association and the Association of National Tourist Offices and Representatives, as well as providing face to face and online training for travel agents.

In 2018, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau will be focusing on the destination’s marine tourism highlights.

Surrounded by coastline and off-shore islands, Taiwan’s crystal-clear waters offer many opportunities for snorkelling and scuba diving among vibrant coral reefs and tropical fish, while beautiful sandy beaches and ideal surfing conditions can be found at Kenting National Park at the country’s southernmost tip.