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UK accommodation now an easy find

UK accommodation now an easy find

With the summer season approaching, help is now at hand for those looking to get away and explore the UK. has launched and is offering holiday-makers a stress-free, quick and easy way to find the exact accommodation they are looking for.

CEO Guy Walker comments: “Research shows that over 80 percent* of Britons search for accommodation online but the biggest gripe is that it’s hugely time consuming, with the majority of people spending on average over four hours looking for the right place to stay.

“ is a ‘find engine’ not a search engine, which means the right accommodation finds you without you having to conduct time-consuming online searches, trawling through thousands of irrelevant search results.”

Users simply place a notice on the site outlining exactly what they are looking for along with any specific requirements (e.g. number of people, date, price, location). The find engine then does the rest, matching the request with its comprehensive network of accommodation providers operating throughout the UK who might have just what they are looking for.

Walker continues: “Almost a third of those surveyed find that advertised rooms are not always available and almost 20 percent feel there’s little scope to state specific requirements. The most eye-opening statistic found that 86 percent of people would rather have direct contact with their accommodation providers. This is where is the perfect solution, as it takes away faceless booking systems and re-introduces the personal contact that customers prefer.”


As well as being a stand-alone site, also features on Britain’s national tourism website VisitBritain ( and is helping its 18 million users find the accommodation they want from the vast choice available.

VisitBritain representative Ian Hardwick adds: “We’re delighted to be partnering with and believe the service will provide an invaluable tool to the millions of VisitBritain users that want to explore the UK. Whatever the budget, destination or specific requirement, people can now find the right accommodation to fit their needs, all at the click of a button.”