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U.S. - EU Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement welcomed

The bilateral aviation safety agreement finalized by the United States and the European Union is a welcome step forward for trans-Atlantic cooperation.
The agreement strengthens long-standing safety cooperation, which has led to higher, common standards between the United States and Europe—a key to improving aviation safety throughout the world. It also allows for more efficient use of government resources through mutual reliance for inspections and oversight of aerospace maintenance organizations. The agreement can be expanded to include areas such as pilot licensing and training and allows for the resolution of highly controversial fees levied by the European Aviation Safety Agency against U.S. manufacturers.

All of these benefits not only help improve safety, but also increase efficiencies by reducing redundant certification activities. The agreement is a boost for the U.S. aerospace industry, supporting U.S. jobs during a difficult and critical economic recovery period.

Founded in 1919 shortly after the birth of flight, the Aerospace Industries Association is the most authoritative and influential trade association representing the nation’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of civil, military and business aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aircraft systems, space systems, aircraft engines, homeland and cybersecurity systems, materiel and related components, equipment services and information technology.