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Travora Media announces MANGO, the World’s first travel-style mobile marketing platform

Travora Media announces MANGO, the World’s first travel-style mobile marketing platform

Travora Media announces MANGO, the first travel-style mobile marketing platform. MANGO, which stands for Mobile Ad Network on-the-GO, represents top travel and lifestyle publishers, providing advertisers with unparalleled scale for reaching travelers at all stages of their travel plans.

At launch, MANGO provides access to over 350MM monthly mobile pageviews from best-in-class travel and lifestyle brands, spanning pre-trip planning to in-destination research and post-trip sharing. Content providers and brands include FlightView, MyWeather, GuidePal, Trazzler, Let’s Go, Matador Network and more.

“MANGO gives brands marketing power at these new mobile moments that matter,” says Nan-Kirsten Forte, Travora CEO. “We represent an elite selection of leading edge publishers and bring our expert sales & marketing team to the technically complex mobile marketplace, offering the latest in ‘lat-long’ targeting, geo-fencing and augmented reality for mobile branding solutions. MANGO extends our ability to deliver highly targeted, relevant messaging to travelers at scale.”
MANGO provides today’s always-connected traveler with reliable, real-time and inspired content. For consumers who are in a destination looking for activities, needing directions, accessing local weather or checking their flight status, MANGO publishers deliver easily accessible solutions for the mobile device, with a consumer experience tailored to the mobile format.

“The Travora MANGO Platform is a win for brands, consumers and content providers alike: our carefully selected publishing partners receive support, access to advertisers, and increased monetization opportunities,” notes Josh Steinitz, Travora Chief Revenue Officer and Executive Vice President of Business Development.

The platform is growing toward a goal of one billion mobile webpage views of travel-style content and information. “These are the metrics that matter in mobile,” says Travora CEO Nan-Kirsten Forte. This follows growth in Travora’s desktop inventory, as noted by on April 25: Travel Sites Grow 10% in March, with Trip Advisor and Travora in the lead. Where Trip Advisor’s focus is on public reviews, Travora’s publishers provide custom curated content and solutions for the entire travel lifecycle. “MANGO is ready to go for brands seeking relevance in the palms of consumers’ hands. Combine that with a multi-platform solution across our existing Web audience, and brands get a powerful new way to make an impact.”