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Travelmatch: “Checkpoint of the Future” to ease airport stress

Travelmatch: “Checkpoint of the Future” to ease airport stress

Travelmatch says that the “Checkpoint of the Future"Unveiled by the International Air Transport Association Will Reduce Stress at the Airport.
Airport security is set to change dramatically in the next few years thanks to the “Checkpoint of the Future”, officially unveiled last week at the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) annual meeting.

This next generation check-in system will funnel fliers through a new streamlined security system, this will mean quicker check-ins for most travellers. Online travel provider says this will make going through security at the airport a much less taxing experience.

Each tunnel of the futuristic looking three-lane checkpoint will be fitted with screening technology that will allow passengers to be scanned as they walk through the security without having to remove clothes, jewellery or unpack their belongings. According to IATA, for most travellers security “pat downs” will be a thing of the past as after being scanned they will be able to walk right through to the departure lounge without delay.

The new system will also allow travellers to get through security at a much faster pace. Passengers will be asked to present their travel documents after which they will be assigned a passenger “type”. They will be then sent down one of three lanes: known traveller, normal and enhanced security. Known travellers, such as pilots and frequent travellers, will have to register and complete background checks with the authorities before they are granted expedited access. Normal, yet still speedy, screening would apply for the majority of travellers who undertake occasional travel, such as holidays to Goa or Cyprus. Some passengers will still have to pass through an additional level of screening in the third tunnel.

Alex Francis of Travelmatch comments: “This announcement from IATA will be welcomed by frequent fliers who don’t want to spend most of their time at the airport in queues. Airport security has become a lengthy process in recent years, and having a system in place that will allow most travellers to pass through to departures quickly and conveniently while continuing to improve security measures is a huge step forward for airports.”


Francis continues: “Airports are beginning to focus on ensuring that passengers have a good customer experience and Travelmatch applauds this move as a step in the right direction. Passengers taking holidays in 2012 can look forward to improving customer care standards at the airport and a no-hassle approach to travel. At Travelmatch we believe that starting a holiday off on the right foot at the airport makes a big difference to someone’s overall experience.”