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Travellers cut costs of using facebook and apps

Travellers cut costs of using facebook and apps

Holidaymakers this summer are likely to face data download bills as high as £800 if they use their smart phones to keep in touch with family and friends via facebook and other social media while abroad, reveals research published today by Tep (, the worldwide connectivity specialists.

The company has discovered that the average smartphone consumption of 10MB a day over the course of a ten day holiday in Europe will cost travellers £210 on their mobile phone operator’s network.

But this figure rises dramatically when travellers try to stay in touch with family and friends via social media. Daily consumption rockets to between 40 and 60MB a day, costing travellers between £80 and £120 a day or between £800 to £1200 for a ten day holiday.

In comparison, Tep’s pocket wifi device, which gives cheap access to the fastest and most reliable 3G networks across 16 European countries, costs a fraction of the price. Travellers can rent a pocket wifi for just £4.95 per day or £49.50 for ten days and can be use to connect smartphones, laptops and Ipads to the internet anywhere.

While EU regulations have capped roaming charges across Europe, data costs for using the internet on the move are unlimited.


“Smartphones have changed the way we keep in touch with each other. Holidaymakers want to post their holiday pictures to their facebook page, or send emails to friends, but are being charged more than the cost of their holiday to do so,” said Tomas Mendoza, CEO and Founder of Tep.

“Yet Tep is starting a revolution in the way consumers connect to the internet on the move. So called phone experts advise using unreliable and expensive hot spots or putting in place data curbs, which makes the phones ‘stupid’ and undermines their full capabilities.

“Tep, however, allows consumers to use their smart phones wherever they like at affordable prices, putting the “smart” back into smart phone,” Mendoza said.

“Smart phones are popular because they provide benefits to travellers, through their apps, maps, information about local culture, and also about sharing experiences with other people. Unlike the big mobile phone operators, Tep’s mobile wifi encourages and celebrates this,” he said.

“Travellers can save up to 90 per cent on hotel internet charges alone by using the mobile WiFf and they can stay connected to their laptop, smartphone or tablet. It’s personal and it fits in your pocket,” Mendoza said.

“Charging local prices, the devices are rented via Tep’s website and can be delivered direct to the customers home or hotel, or picked up at the airport. Customers return the rented phone by post, using a prepaid envelope, and all personal data is erased from the device.

“Renting pocket WiFi device will be become as commonplace as booking a hire car or a flight. It’s simple, convenient and can save hundreds if not thousands of pounds.

“With the number of broadband enabled mobile phone hitting the one billion mark this year, and with 70 percent of all consumer devices connected to the internet by 2014, Tep is providing a service that will allow consumers to get the most out of these devices, rather than being prevented from using them by profit-hungry operators,” Mendoza said.