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Travelbag sees mobile sales outstrip desktop bookings

Travelbag sees mobile sales outstrip desktop bookings

Although it is generally accepted that people use smartphones to research holidays, recent figures confirm that, since the launch of the new mobile optimised website, Travelbag customers are also booking holidays on their devices. Travelbag’s new mobile website has had a notable impact on smartphone bookings.

According to figures taken from Google Analytics, smartphone conversion rate is almost 4 times higher since the mobile optimised website launched and the average smartphone order value has increased by 71%. But perhaps the most surprising fact is that the average order value of bookings made on is, for the first time, higher amongst smartphone users than desktop users.

The highest order value made on a smartphone since August 2013 is £7,773.58. This absolutely dispels the myth that people don’t make high value purchases on smartphones.

In September 2009, Tecmark research showed that just 0.02% of all web traffic originated from a mobile device. This was updated to 8.09% in 2011. However, recent Google Research has shown that 66% of smartphone users expect websites to work as well on their mobile as on their desktop. Furthermore, 61% of smart phone users, according to the same study, use their smartphone to research or make purchases.

A recent Google Analytics report undertaken on shows that not only is the smartphone conversion rate almost 4 times higher since the launch of the mobile website, but the average order value is 71% higher too. The highest order value on a smartphone has been £7,773.58, according to the analytics report. This absolutely shelves the concept that people don’t make high value purchases on mobile.


Managing Director of Travelbag, Tony Carty said: “Travelbag has always put its customers at the forefront of its business. By being one step ahead of major competitors and offering mobile users an optimised experience; Travelbag is leading the way to mobile bookings. We were one of the first to offer a fully functioning mobile site where users don’t have to switch devices to book the holiday. They can easily search and book at without having to download any apps or change screens. This report showcases the success of this strategy as well as the trust that consumers have in the Travelbag brand”.

Said Richard Heyes, Managing Director of Tecmark: “Tecmark’s own research showed that, in September 2009, just 0.02% of web traffic was coming from mobile devices. Little over 4 years later and smartphone traffic is approaching half of all web traffic. Travelbag embraced the massive opportunity that lay within the growing mobile segment in their traffic. Having worked with the company since 2012, we already understood their audience and the aims of the holiday seekers landing on their site. We designed the mobile site to ensure users could find exactly what they were looking for and could browse and book just as easily on smartphones as on their desktop. The conversion rate improvements and average order values are even further evidence of the opportunity that lies in multi-screen marketing”.