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Tourism Australia launches new campaign in India

Tourism Australia launches new campaign in India

Tourism Australia, India has launched a new global promotional campaign, ‘There’s Nothing like Australia’ aimed at promoting Australia as a must-see destination with some of the world’s best tourism experiences.

Australia has a wealth of assets, natural and man-made, that differentiate it from other destinations around the world.

‘There’s Nothing like Australia’ campaign shows these assets in a contemporary, sophisticated, energetic and inspiring way.

Focusing on high quality products, rather than broad based experiences, the campaign will show travellers what makes an Australian holiday distinct and unique.

In India, ‘There’s nothing like Australia’ supersedes the advocacy driven campaign that presented personal experiences of Indian nationals living in Australia and those who have visited the country.

Featuring noted theatre personalities - Aditya Hitkari & Divya Palat and Vikrant Kapoor, Chef and Partner, Zaaffran, Sydney, the previous campaign captured individual journeys of these personalities who spoke of their personal Australia story.

Tourism Australia believes in word-of-mouth publicity as a powerful medium for motivating people to travel and advocacy will continue to remain a big part of bringing to life ‘There’s Nothing like Australia’ campaign.

Globally, the launch phase of ‘There’s nothing like Australia’ involved local Australians engaging with the campaign by uploading around 60,000 stories and photos, to give travellers around the world ideas and inspiration for an Australian holiday.

The latest phase of this campaign is being launched in India and highlights some of Australia’s best tourism attractions, experiences and products that showcase why there is nothing quite like Australia.

Check out the official website here.