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Top cities in the world for shows and entertainment

Top cities in the world for shows and entertainment

Does your inner traveler seek world-class entertainment, mind-blowing theatrical performances, and spectacular live shows featuring celebrated international artists? Some destinations enjoy popularity for Mother Nature’s endowments like pristine beaches, emerald waters, and awe-inspiring rock formations.

But destinations like New York City, London, and Las Vegas are the entertainment centers of the world, offering much more than nature and beauty. Vacationing in a city packed with action and entertainment appeals to cosmopolitan travelers who love hoarding unusual experiences and unforgettable memories.

Read on to explore our roundup of the world’s top cities for live shows and entertainment.

London – the City of Music & Theater
London is the undisputed theater capital of the world, home to some of the world’s finest theaters and musical venues. The London social scene is always abuzz with something exciting, such as a live music concert featuring big names like Ed Shereen, Dua Lipa, and Adele. All musicians and artists performing tours in Europe have to stop at London’s O2 Arena – the most prestigious venue for world-class entertainment.

London is one of the best cities to experience movies, music and theater like never before. One can find entertainment on any given budget, unlike in Paris or New York, where fun comes with a heavy price tag. Be sure to check the city’s social calendar for parties, masquerade balls, concerts and live shows while planning your itinerary.

Las Vegas – the Sin City
Sin City is popular as the world’s entertainment and gambling capital and the perfect destination for a wild cosmopolitan adventure. No other city can dream of stealing or even mimicking the glamor and grandeur of the Las Vegas entertainment scene.

The city is a treasure trove of action-packed experiences ranging from rip-roaring fights in packed arenas and state-the-art casinos with high-quality gambling facilities to luxury hotels, wedding venues, and roller coasters. Entertainment in Las Vegas is all about grandeur and eccentricity, for the city always aims to please its audience with astoundingly big spectacles.

However, these incredible Vegas experiences don’t come cheap. It’s natural for modern-day players to feel skeptical about spending thousands of dollars at a luxury establishment when they can play similar games in an online casino. We advise striking a balance between Vegas’ lavish casinos, theme parks, boxing arenas, and concert venues.

Orlando – the Land of Amusement Parks
Orlando, Florida, is the ultimate destination for travelers and families looking to explore the finest theme parks and amusement rides in the United States. Popular for Walt Disney Land, Universal Studios, and the Holy Land, Orlando offers a wide variety of theme parks that appeal to every taste.

The city attracts over 60 million travelers annually, who visit Orlando to enjoy the world’s finest amusement parks, sprawling golf courses, luxury shopping venues, and Florida’s wild nightlife. Disneyland and Universal Studios are the city’s most popular theme parks, but there’s much to explore for travelers eager to avoid the mainstream and crowded attractions. Some of the city’s best venues include the SeaWorld of Florida, Loch Haven Park, Wet’ n Wild, and Gatorland.

Adults and children can also sign up for kayaking tours, underwater marine exploration adventurers, or enjoy a helicopter ride over Orlando’s glitzy amusement parks at night. Orlando is also home to some of the finest museums in the United States, and the local beaches are packed with entertainment and parties.

Final Thoughts
Travelers eager to attend highly anticipated live shows, WWE tournaments, concerts, or parties at prestigious venues are advised to plan ahead and secure their bookings in advance. It’s wise to plan your itinerary after checking the city’s social calendar and buying the tickets required for the shows. A little bit of research can help you save hundreds of dollars when exploring exuberantly expensive tourist attractions in London, Orlando, or elsewhere.