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TomTom becomes latest Amadeus Cytric Easy customer

TomTom becomes latest Amadeus Cytric Easy customer

TomTom has become the first organization in the Netherlands to offer its workforce access to Cytric Easy, the leading booking tool Cytric is now embedded into Microsoft 365.

Signing an expanded partnership with Amadeus, employees at the geolocation specialists will be able to plan, book and organize business travel in a new, collaborative environment.

With Cytric Easy embedded within Microsoft Teams, TomTom employees are empowered to work in this new digital setting, connecting directly to Cytric Easy to book their next trip.

Here employees can share journey suggestions with team members around the world, as well as book a trip or a hotel together.

This saves time and allows personnel to choose the best time and route with a cost-effective fare as well as the most sustainable route.


Jorien Dielwart, global travel manager, TomTom, said: “Cytric Easy will simplify processes across our company, impacting positively on departments including finance, procurement and travel.

“With thousands of employees in more than 30 offices around the world, many of whom are frequent travellers, this is a great solution for us to boost efficiency, increase collaboration and make booking business travel easier than ever before.”

Cytric Easy is designed to empower the employee experience – to offer the seamless digital tools pre-, during and post-trip increasingly expected in the contemporary workplace.

Collaborating with Microsoft allows users to add the tool on to existing applications, meaning they can search, compare, or book a hotel, flight or car rental – without ever leaving Microsoft Teams. 

Post trip employees can manage their expenses in Microsoft Teams, ensuring a unified experience from start to finish. 

Rudy Daniello, executive vice president, Amadeus Cytric Solutions, said: “TomTom is a long-standing Amadeus customer, having previously deployed Cytric Travel.

“As a trusted collaborator, TomTom has been a welcome participant in a series of customer experience platforms, sessions designed to gather valuable feedback on our products.

“Analysing information from these events, Amadeus is able to translate feedback into tangible improvements in the solution, improving the user experience for TomTom and our partners around the world.”

Cytric Easy is part of a wider collaboration between Amadeus and Microsoft.

The ambition of the partnership is to reimagine travel, including the way users meet, collaborate or claim expenses.

The two companies continue working together to foster collaboration and empower employees with a new hybrid way of working.