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Tokyo launches new brand identity

Tokyo launches new brand identity

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has created a new logo and slogan, ‘Tokyo Tokyo Old Meets New’, to promote the city.

The first Tokyo is depicted in a brushstroke font and the second in a Gothic block typeface, to effectively convey the attractions of Tokyo overseas.

This logo will be used in various promotional activities abroad.

The design presents Tokyo in two different fonts in order to intuitively impart an image of the city.

The brushstroke of Tokyo and Gothic block typeface of Tokyo represent the originality of the city, where traditions dating back to the Edo period (1603-1867) coexist alongside the cutting-edge culture of today.

The tradition is expressed in black ink, while the new Tokyo is expressed in blue, like the sky spreading forward to express the innovative future.

To give some playfulness, the logo also includes a traditional stamp that shows the one of Tokyo’s newest sightseeing landmarks, the Shibuya scramble crossing.