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The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) and EarthCheck today announced an agreement that will res

The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) and EarthCheck today announced an agreement that will res

Partnering with EarthCheck - the largest environmental management system in the world, which is used by more than 1000 organisations in over 70 countries – PATA unveiled a free carbon calculator that holds great appeal to small to medium sized operators.

Designed by EarthCheck, the online calculator ( helps to estimate the operator’s carbon impact. It serves as a guide based on scientific averages, that helps and organisation to determine its environmental footprint. Throughout the process, the system provides tips on how emissions may be easily reduced. It’s a great little educational tool that’s easy to use, interactive and free of charge.

EarthCheck has also provided PATA with a suite of sustainability fact sheets, case studies and sustainability reports for Member use. These explain such things as the ins- and-outs of voluntary carbon offsetting, he most cost effective ways to decrease water and energy consumption, and the environmental benefits of reducing waste output.

“Using a science-based system such as EarthCheck to monitor, measure and manage the environmental impact of PATA Members helps them gain competitive edge and enhances triple bottom line results,” explained Greg Duffy, CEO of PATA. “Going beyond green and taking sustainability to a level of internationally accepted standards of compliance, while benchmarking operations against more than a decade of industry data puts PATA Members in an enviable position.”

Among those committed to EarthCheck are market leaders such as Carlson Asia Pacific, ACCOR, InterContinental Hotels Group, Langham Hotels International, Banyan Tree and Alila. They have long recognised the financial benefits of tight control over operational efficiencies and a strong commitment to Corporate Social responsibility (CSR). What’s more, they open their books (and doors) to third party, independent audits on a regular basis in order to have verified the credibility of their claims.


“In a world that’s increasingly awash with eco claims, it’s good to see such leadership from industry bodies such as PATA,” said EarthCheck CEO Stewart Moore.