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Thai tourism resilient despite Bangkok protests

Thai tourism resilient despite Bangkok protests

Despite warnings from the British FCO which is currently advising against all but essential travel to Bangkok, cheap flight site Skyscanner ( can report that tourists have so far not been dissuaded from flying to the Thai capital for their summer holidays.

Skyscanner’s data revealed that there has been no reduction in global searches for flights to Bangkok for travel in June, July and August 2010.

Barry Smith, Skyscanner Co-founder and Market Development Director commented:
“So far, we have not seen any significant drop in interest for summer travel to Thailand since the Bangkok protests began. We suspect that many travellers believe the unrest will be over by summer, or are unaware of the situation altogether, which has been partly overshadowed in the news by the volcano disruption.

“Bangkok remains an extremely popular destination and currently ranks as the 13th most popular flight search on the Skyscanner site.”

Back in December 2008 Skyscanner reported that there were no major drop in flights searches to Bangkok following the closure of its two main airports during a period of civil unrest.


“Typically, Skyscanner tends to see a short term drop in flight searches to areas affected by unrest or natural disasters, but we see recovery come quickly as long as the incidents aren’t prolonged” added Smith.