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Summer travel is on, says Cheapflights UK

Summer travel is on, says Cheapflights UK

As the ash trap is officially declared over, Cheapflights UK declares that 70 per cent of respondents from its latest poll are planning a summer getaway, indicating that summer travel is back in full swing.

The UK’s leading website for price search and comparison says that despite the current havoc within the travel industry caused by the Icelandic volcano and current BA strike, planning for summer holidays is top priority.

Its recent poll asked users “what are your summer vacation plans?” Answers to choose from included:

  * Still in staycation mode, money is tight
  * I need to get away, even for a short trip
  * Back to summer travel in all its glory

Twenty five per cent of respondents replied that though summer travel is back “in all its glory,” finding ways to stretch their holiday Sterling is still critical. Enter the Cheapflights “How To” series; an insider’s guide to travel that provides tips, tricks, and guidelines for getting the best deals, saving money, and travelling like a pro.


“People are ready to get away this summer,” said Meredith Hanrahan, chief travel officer at Cheapflights.

“Our job, as always, is to help people find the best deals as well as to provide inspiration for planning great trips. We publish over four million deals a day and, with our ‘How To’ series, are going one step further in helping people become savvy shoppers, knowledgeable travellers and happy summer holiday makers.”

The “How To” series starts with three important guides:

  * “How to Get a Summer Travel Deal”—A basic guide to deal spotting, with tips on when to go, where to go and when to buy
  * “How to Avoid Hidden Costs”—An overview of five types of hidden fees and tips for saving money on all of them
  * “How to Cut Your Holiday Expenses”—A list of 10 practical ways to keep your travel budget under control