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STR Global posts Americas performance results for June 2009

In year-over-year comparisons, occupancy for the region dropped 9.8 percent to 61.3 percent; average daily rate declined 10.6 percent to US$97.96; and revenue per available room decreased 19.4 percent to US$60.05.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was the only key market to experience an occupancy increase, rising 13.7 percent to 61.3 percent. Washington, D.C., was virtually flat for the month, reporting a 0.8-percent occupancy decrease to 76.6 percent. Mexico City, Mexico, reported the largest occupancy decrease, dropping 23.2 percent in occupancy to 49.9 percent. Santiago, Chile (-21.0 percent to 53.9 percent) and Buenos Aires, Argentina (-20.5 percent to 49.8 percent) also reported occupancy decreases of more than 20 percent.

Washington, D.C., reported the smallest ADR decrease, down 4.2 percent to US$148.42. Five markets experienced ADR decreases of more than 20 percent: New York, New York (-30.4 percent to US$199.08); Montreal, Canada (-28.8 percent to US$115.58); Toronto, Canada (-24.8 percent to US$115.94); San Francisco, California (-22.3 percent to US$126.87); and Vancouver, Canada (-20.6 percent to US$128.87).

Rio de Janeiro was virtually flat in RevPAR for the month, down 0.5 percent to US$86.24. Washington, D.C., was the only other market to experience a single-digit RevPAR decrease, falling 5.0 percent to US$113.65. Seven key markets reported RevPAR decreases of more than 30 percent: Mexico City (-38.2 percent to US$53.04); Montreal (-37.6 percent to US$72.55); New York (-34.9 percent to US$163.11); Toronto (-34.2 percent to US$78.31); Vancouver (-32.9 percent to US$90.17); Alberta, Canada (-32.5 percent to US$77.06); and Buenos Aires (-31.8 percent to US$62.56).