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STR Analytics launches DataCast, a new forecasting tool

STR Analytics launches DataCast, a new forecasting tool

DataCast is designed to provide direction and allow users to adjust the forecast within data-driven parameters. The report has the ability to modify and better devise practical forecasts, including fluctuations in the economy. DataCast also evaluates each historicalmetric and summarizes them in a unique visual readout.

“DataCast is not merely a report, but an actual forecasting tool developed with the understanding that everyone has a different perspective on future performance,” said Steve Hennis, director of STR Analytics. “Particularly given recent uncertainty in the market, we acknowledge that there are various outlooks for the lodging industry.
Using parameters derived from historical data gathered by STR, DataCast provides the guidance for our clients to evaluate performance potential in a new way.”

The new product is intended to improve the forecasting process for budgeting and business planning, risk assessment, hold/sell analysis, transaction underwriting and due diligence, appraisals, marketing studies and feasibility studies

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