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Stena Line increases conversion rates with Maxymiser

Stena Line increases conversion rates with Maxymiser

Stena Line, an international transport and travel service company and leading ferry operator, today announces that it is working with Maxymiser, the global leader of conversion rate optimisation solutions, to increase the number of ferry bookings made through its website.

Initial results from a mix of multivariate and A/B tests across the booking pages of the Stena Line website have already shown six per cent uplift in conversion rates.

John Mills, web master at Stena Line, explained: “By working closely with Maxymiser we have found that making just a few small changes to our website can actually have a huge effect on a customer’s online experience. 

“Similarly, we’ve also seen that some changes that we thought would make a difference haven’t had as much of an impact as expected.  Having the ability to test hundreds of different web pages, designs and layouts gives us scientific evidence of the most effective web content that will maximise sales, rather than relying on guesswork or gut instinct.”

Mills continued: “This is the first time that we have implemented multivariate testing on our website. We had previously looked at a few different testing tools to see what was available, including the free solutions, but the Maxymiser offering was far more comprehensive than anything else on the market.

“Not only is the Maxymiser solution an ideal fit for our business, but the help, guidance and expertise that the team provides is fantastic and this has really made a significant difference to the testing experience.”

Since implementing testing across its booking pages Stena Line has already experienced a six per cent increase in conversion.

Mills added: “We are really pleased with the service and results that Maxymiser has delivered. Some tests have provided a six per cent uplift which delivers significant revenue uplift across our business.

“These results have also led to a culture change within the company, whereby we will now always test any change first before rolling it out across the website.”

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