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Snowbound Ryanair passengers left eating ice cubes

Snowbound Ryanair passengers left eating ice cubes

Ryanair has come under attack after passengers stranded on a badly-delayed flight were refused refreshments, leaving them nothing to eat or drink but ice cubes.

The Stansted to Dinard flight was left waiting on the tarmac for over four hours whilst the runway was cleared of snow.

Passengers complained about the heat on board and asked for refreshments only to be told they were not allowed because the flight had not taken off.

When they asked to be let off the plane, they were told they had to stay where they were until the runway was cleared.

The plane was still on the ground at 8pm after it had been scheduled to take off at 3.50pm.


Despite the rising temperatures and the discomfort of many of the 200 or more people on board, the only water the crew gave out was in the form of ice cubes in plastic cups.

A spokeswoman for Ryanair said the refreshments bar could not be opened on the ground because of Inland Revenue implications.

“There has been severe weather conditions across much of Europe and Ryanair has apoligised to passengers but we are trying to accommodate as many as possible to minimise inconvenience,” she said.

“Stansted airport has been closed for several hours and we are hoping to get passengers on to their destinations as quickly as possible.”

A spokesman for Stansted Airport said the plane had been held on the tarmac because of “de-icing and clearing of snow” but said any decision about passengers once they had boarded the plane were the responsibility of the airline.